i haven't paid for the item...i think it's fake!

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  1. bid in a frenzy yesterday, won, and went to pay for the item this morning.

    upon more careful inspection of the seller's feedback (it reads 99.2% at a glance), the seller sells A LOT of juicy, abercrombie, etc., most of which seem to be fake. this juicy dress is fairly (maybe resort?) new, so i never thought it would be faked ALREADY!

    buyers have complaints like questioning authenticity, items smell like smoke and other mumbo jumbo that i don't have the time or desire to deal with.

    i have not paid. what do i do? simply take the neg. hit?

  2. you're gonna have to take your chances. I personally never bid on anything unless I research the auction and seller as best as I can. I have to feel 100% confident before I bid. It would be very irresponsible of you to back out before seeing the item. You can always complain if the item is not as described when you get it and take it from there.
    Be more careful from now on kiddo...:yes:;)
  3. I would recommend contacting the seller and explaining your doubts, maybe she will just send you the mutual agreement thing so she can get her fees back and perhaps offer it to the next bidder.
    I think we can all get caught up in bidding frenzies at one time or another...
  4. ^^^ I agree. Try talking to her and suggest mutual withdrawal. Is she from an Asian country ? If so, chances are that it is indeed a fake. I see a lot of sellers from Asian countries sell DVF, Max Mara, Malandrino, etc which are most definitely a copy. If she gets nasty, do tell her that if she does not agree, you will pay her and take the dress to a Juicy place and get it authenticated. If it turns out to be a fake, you leave her a nasty negative and file a complaint with PayPal, ebay and the Juicy Vero and get all her auctions yanked off of ebay. I am speaking this from experience (I bought a fake Marc Jacobs from Hong Kong a year or so ago).
  5. I ever got the similiar experience with dummy phone, I prefer neg and strike instead pay for dummy mobile in rid price ( over $300 ) but I also report him to eBay as selling fake, cheat people, abuse eBay's policy etc and finally, eBay suspended him even before he leave me neg :lol:
  6. I have gotten confused when I bid on something. I offered to pay the sellers fees and that has fortunately worked out well for me.
  7. If you encourage her to do mutual agreement then she'll get back all of her fees but some sellers esp. seller of fake stuff will refuse to do it