I haven't bought LV in years...

  1. ...but after seeing a certain item in another thread I knew I had to have one. And I picked up 2 more small items. Can you guess what they are???
  2. neo cabby, amarante sumthing, melusa shoes?:confused1:
  3. Limelight clutch,cles
  4. Oooh.. I hate the suspense... go on tell us!!!

    Ok.. the BH and some sunnies?
  5. ^^^I have no idea what those are:shame:! I guess I've been too busy buying balenciagas:ninja:
  6. They're really small items!
  7. Something LV :smile:
  8. Oooh.. a striptease... go, go, go!! lol

    ETA.. the BH=Batignolles Horizontal (many of us are loving this style).. and by sunnies I meant sunglasses!
  9. Key and Change Holder, Wapity Case &...
  10. Cles and pochette???
  11. And the big one.... is..... a mirage speedy????
  12. I'm having problems with the pics. Here we go again.


    LV02.jpg LV03.jpg LV04.jpg
  13. Very nice!
    I love the wapity,
  14. and finally a porte-tresor international:

    LV06.jpg LV07.jpg
  15. All very nice!!! Enjoy!