I haven't bought a new bag in over a year!

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  1. It's been a long time since I purchased a new bag and I am at the point where I'm so tired of everything I own and just want the high that comes from a new bag.

    I was quite picky last year because there wasn't anything perfect enough and I knew Fall was coming. I usually get my best bags in the Fall because there are larger styles and they always come in black leather.

    I keep passing on the GST because it is just a bit too small and a little awkward. I thought I might be getting an original Cabas that was retuned to the store, but the SA gave it to someone else. (I don't think I was forceful enough.) He didn't even call me to let me know it was gone and here I was waiting, thinking it was mine. :sad:

    I love the squishy Vintage Ligne Large Tote but it's not big enough.

    The Large Modern Chain Tote will be too heavy when I stuff it.

    I thought I might get the new spring black Diagonal CC Tote ($$$) if it was large enough, but I've been told we are not getting it in Canada (that's how expensive it was going to be!) and shipping from the States is totally unreasonable.

    I keep hoping Chanel might bring out more large size Cabas next Fall since it was so hugely popular... but in the meantime, there seems to be nothing coming in the spring that is perfect for me.

    I just wanted to vent...

  2. Aww! I know how you feel. It can be frustrating, when you've got the itch to buy a bag, but nothing grabs your attention. Perhaps branching out? Are you exclusive to Chanel? Chanel will always have my heart, but I do like to appreciate other designers that are out there.
  3. gosh! that stinks!! that's too bad about the shipping costs from the u.s. i would be irritated by all of this too.

    i know how u feel...i like larger bags. even my classic bags are all jumbo. as much as i love chanel, after awhile, sometimes when i walk into the boutique there just isn't anything that makes me go nuts over it. so i have to take a step back for a bit.

    but that is how life is, you know? sometimes when u have so much of one thing, you have to take a step back so that when you re-engage, it's exciting again.

    i'm sorry about your situation. It'll pass....soon there will be something so special, so spectacular that you will get that old "high" again. :wlae:
  4. that is good advice blushingbaby, jayne1 are there other designers out there?

    i wish i could take your advice too, i am stuck on chanel and limited edition louis vuitton pieces (but not really that much anymore). so it makes it hard when you are really into one designer. but that is still good advice. :wlae:
  5. I have Prada, which makes a so-so bag, Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta which makes a far superior bag! For some reason, I don't get that *feeling* from BV. There's something about Chanel that I just love...

    ... but not enough to buy any bag that isn't perfect... :lol:
  6. Have you checked out the E/W Vintage Tote?
    It's really roomy and has all the fab character that the one I have has!:yes:
    I'd LOVE one!

    I know how you feel, I was feeling that way for most of this season as well. . . . until I made up my mind about the Vintage tote.
  7. I hear ya. I have been going around and around about what my next bag will be and I am going nutty.
  8. jayne, sorry to hear you are feeling this way!
    i had a similar experience about thinking a bag would be mine only to find out that it got sent to someone else. i was so disappointed and frustrated!
    if you think the cabas is perfect for you, you should keep looking for it. maybe the hype over the original cabas will die down a bit and they'll be on ebay for a more reasonable price.
    like swanky, i'm a big fan of the vintage ligne. the e/w would be great bc it's even bigger than the n/s!
  9. Does anyone else think there is a chance the Cabas will be brought out again for fall? Wouldn't it be silly to not produce a bag that was so popular?

    About the E/W Vintage Tote, that Swanky mentioned. I have looked for it but haven't seen it. Can someone please give me a style number that I can take to my SA... (NOT the male SA who told me the Cabas would be on hold for me)... I'll ask my favourite female SA at the Boutique. Perhaps she can search for one.
  10. I don't have the # :sad:
    You can call Shannon and get it though. She had one last time I as in, LMK if you need her #.

    Or maybe one of our NM SA's can post it for you {?}
  11. Jayne1: I'm not sure if it's still there, but as of Monday, 11/20, the San Francisco Chanel store had a black leather Coco Cabas from the fall collection in the super large size for $1925. Number is 415-981-1550. Someone may have snapped it up by now but you never know...

    I hope you are able to find your perfect bag!
  12. Jayne, I actually admire your restraint in holding out for the perfect bag. When I think of how many bags I impulsively purchased and sold, I wish I had saved my money for that really great one.

    I hope you find a Cabas!
  13. Oh, I've learned my lesson, roey. I bought so many bags a decade ago (I'm not talking about my Chanels) and they're worthless. Some were impulsive and some were just a fad. I don't want to to use them anymore and after checking on eBay, I can see they go for nothing. Armani, Calvin Klein, Prada... bags that were very popular, but didn't hold their popularity. I don't want to try and sell in the Prada section on eBay because there are so many fakes... even though mine are real, I think they will get lost in the sea of replicas. I think you were very smart to sell your bags, while you could.

    I only buy bags now that I can't live without.

    Thanks, Swanky and valerieb... but I can't buy from the States unless they promise not to list the value on the customs form. It's a lot more expensive to buy from the States and convert to Canadian dollars than to buy something here that comes directly from France, which is far more reasonable.

  14. Omigosh! YES! All those impulse bags buys....:sweatdrop: :Push: :sad:
  15. jayne1, i was digging around, and i have this pdf of the square vintage ligne saved. i think the style # you're looking for is A32910. the tote is $100 more than the n/s tote at $2095. hope this helps!