I have watched this like 20 times sure u will to

  1. Geez... I love that vid. hehehe.
  2. WOW! :love:

    Off-topic, anyone knows name of the music in the vid? :jammin:
  3. i actually embedded the html for that video in my xanga :lol:!
  4. O M FREAKIN G!!!!! That's awesome! Thanks for sharing! and man Sharon Stone is looking good these days?!?!
  5. This was the best 6 minutes and 43 seconds of my life! :shame: :graucho:
  6. I LOVE it ! Thank You, Sharon Stone and Uma Thurman are Gorgeous! And The STORE OMG !!! :heart::nuts::heart:
  7. FABULOUS video!
    :heart: Loves It!:heart:
    Thanx so much for posting!
  8. Gillian Anderson looked incredible. Sharon stone looked good but hated the hat!!
  9. glad u all love it

    not sure of the song
  10. Thanks! Loved watching it!

    I agree with Selena, what is up with Stone's hat? :wtf:
  11. what was that hat????horrible! but her face looked like she was 20!
  12. the hat didnt bother me it was her coat she alwys has really nice dresses on but than she covers it with a large coat
  13. That one chic that walked in, uber casual looked retarded. The one with white tank and jeans...