I Have Two New Babies!

  1. Went to the outlet yesterday and scored on a gorgeous white leather lunch tote and a Soho large hobo in black. :yahoo:

    It was tough to resist the great deals they had going on all the suede, but I was really wanting a couple of good basic pieces that would tide me over until I start rounding out my (currently almost nonexistent) collection. I carried the lunch tote all day, and then before we went out to dinner I switched to the hobo. Love them both!!

    Now I can't wait until my Legacy Stripe ponytail scarf arrives so that I can take pictures of everything and post them here!
  2. Don't you just love the outlets!!?? Congrats! I passed up the suede today too. They actually only had a HUGE suede satchel and it just wasn't my thing - but only $125!
  3. sounds like there are great items at the outlets!!!
  4. :yes:
  5. congrats! i love the legacy scarf as well. do post pics and let me live vicariously through you (:
  6. Congrats- make sure you post pics so we can all drool!
  7. Congrats.. can't wait to see your pictures!!
  8. Ooooooh, you guys are being such teases. Where's the pics?

    Congrats on your two additions, btw.
  9. Can't wait to see pics! Congrats!!!
  10. Congrats on your new purchases...I know how exciting it is to share when you are able to bring home new additions...can't wait to see the photos
  11. I passed on the suede at the outlets yesterday too. They looked very pretty but I'm so scared of suede. They had a couple of suede wallets there that were dirty from just being handled in the store. I just put it down and walked away. I don't think I'm meant to own suede.

    Let's see some pictures of your new babies. You can't tease us like that. :smile:
  12. It's a sign from the Coach Goddess. Lol.
  13. Ha ha. And who can argue with that, eh?
  14. Congrats!! Can't wait to see pics!!
  15. congrats!