I have two burning questions...help! (long--sorry)

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  1. :confused1:okay, these are two unrelated but highly important questions i have been meaning to ask for the last month.

    First, as yall have heard me discuss before, I am 6'2" (140 lbs) and its important to me not to look like i am carrying a bag that is too small for me. at the balenciaga trunk show, my husband bought me an 06 cognac first.--he loved the color and insisted...how could i refuse? :smile: i initially brought it home and LOVED it, but sort of dismissed it as one of those bags i will never carry because its too small...but, the other day i took it out to go shopping and it was the most wonderful thing ever!!! it fit quite a bit of stuff, but was not as bulky as the city. it was much easier to use than any of my other bbags! in sum, i have fallen in love with the first style! i own tons of cities, works, and partimes (and a few weekenders) but only one first! my problem is...i know you should carry a bag if you love it no matter what, but come on, i mean i am 6'2"! i am on the slimmer side, but it does not change my height. my friend said that it looks "okay" on me and as long as i dont get a bright-colored eye-catching one, then its fine...but i love the brights :sad: what should i do? HONEST OPINIONS PLEASE AND YOU WILL NOT HURT MY FEELINGS!!!! :smile:

    the other question is....is it weird to wear say that cognac first together with the (cognac) work...using the first as the purse and then the work as your laptop bag to go to work??? (did you follow that??? :smile:) in other words, with for example, louis vuitton, you wear the luggage, etc together in the traditional monogram and its not too much, but can you do this with balenciaga?

    sorry that was so long! i would love your feelings on these questions! i am dying to know! :yes:
  2. You are sooo lucky to be tall and slender :heart:

    I am sure you totally rock that bag!!

    I say use it and love it.

    As far the first and the work, why not?! Go fo it!
  3. Regarding wearing a bright First - can you post a modeling pic w/the cognac? I don't see how we can give you sage advice without at least a little bit of pictorial input. ;)

    Regarding the two bags together - I think cognac + cognac might be a little too matchy-matchy...maybe two diff colors?
  4. I would definitely wear the First and a Work together. But like fiat suggested, maybe go with a different color of Work.......maybe a Work in Cinnamon, Sienna or Vert Fonce may complement the Cognac nicely.
  5. Agree with the idea of a different color work, but only because it's more fun. You can match a *little* bag like the first with a work in the way you are saying. IMO.

    Also, check out the celebrity photo thread at the top of this section- Elle McPherson, carrying a First- nuff said!
  6. Kates, you sound like you have a stature of a model. I haven't ever seen it written or implied that tall people can't have smaller bags. If the first worked for you, by all means use it! As for the matchy matchy... the bags don't make the outfit...you do. So if you are wearing a Congac suit...I'd say: it would look a bit strange, hard to pull that one off. If it's just the bags... I'd say go for it! :wlae:
  7. I'll be the odd one out. I'm tall but not as slender as you and I think the first is too small for me. I personally think that a more medium size bag would balance you out more. BUT if you love the first then by all means go with the first. And I also think you could do a cognac first and a cognac work, but I love to do the matchy matchy thing.
  8. Just wanted to comment that if you check out the Celebrities Pics Section, the First looks like a favorite style among many of the models and they are all tall. Enjoy your bags! I'm sure they all look equally as great on you.

    And for the purse and work bag, I see nothing wrong with matching them. Your attire will probably compliment your bag so if you happen to have one without the other during a lunch break, you'll still look great.:tup:
  9. thanks so much for all of the advice gals! i think i am gonna post a pic with the first and with both....but i will spare you the fright right now--i'll wait till i am on my way to work and have showered! lol!

    it sounds like a majority on the height question (yippee), but hesitation on the matchy matchy question...yall are such great help! okay, look for pics in a few hours, and any more advice will be much appreciated!

    i already am feeling better! thanks again! :smile:
  10. I think the Elle McPherson point is a really good one. After all, all the models toting these bags around are tall, and it's not like I look at them and think, "That bag looks disproportionate." More like, "Ooh, nice bag. I want one..."
  11. i'm sure the first looks great on you. i've seen pics of giselle with her first and it was quite lovely on her. also, i agree the matchy first and work at the same time is fine. one for each arm!;)
  12. ITA that the you can rock the first. I've never seen someone and thought that their bag was too small for them. No need to worry!
  13. With so many loverly Bbag colours (even in the brown family) you could get away with a different Work & First combo. On my last trip I carried a Rouge Courrier & Ink Box together. I certainly turned a few heads but I styled it fairly well I think...
  14. I love the way Gisele looks with her black first. I'm sure you look just as gorgeous! As for the combo, I think it's perfectly fine to do that. I see a lot of women do that sort of thing and I think it would actually look a lot better doing it with bbags than with LV.
  15. At 6'2 and 140lbs, you're definitely slim. Lot of supermodels wear FIRSTS, and it looks fine on them. However, I still favor CITIES on taller gals. It looks more proportional, but of course you can always wear your first one day and then your weekender, and then your city, and then your parttime....etc everyday of the week. There's no hard and fast rule.

    On the issue of layering Balenciagas, I totally dig it. Why not? Nicole Richie looked so cute with her black city and the b/w fabric weekender. So chic!