I have turned into THAT person .... need advice please!

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  1. #1 Dec 2, 2019 at 9:53 PM
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019 at 10:03 PM
    Hi all - so I just purchased a speedy b 25 in de. I want to preface that although this is listed as "new" condition, I acquired this bag from Fashionphile and took advantage of their 10 percent off sale for Black Friday. I just opened the package and am generally a fairly easy going purchaser. I don't sit and scrutinize a bag be it new or preloved or for that matter be it a boutique purchase directly. For some reason this bag is striking me differently. I am going to insert a few pictures and need advice as to whether I am over-reacting or should I return. This bag was priced a slightly lower amount than retail despite being "new" and then I scored the 10% off so that added to a bit of savings but I still paid taxes so I saved about $145. I have seen others post concerns about what seemed so insignificant and now I feel I have maybe turned into that person! Please be honest and lmk what you guys think. It has the more matte softer leather which I prefer and everything looks good EXCEPT the stitching looks really sloppy on two of the chaps and one of the rivets pressed into the chap probably from shipment. After just inserting the pictures the stitching doesn't look quite as crooked as it appeared to me initially... I dunno! Also one side of the bandouliere strap sewn to the bag has some creasing but isn't as huge for me. What do you guys think? IMG_1446.jpeg IMG_1448.jpeg IMG_1450.jpeg
  2. I think the chaps would bother me with the sticking and ring indent. the side wrinkling is quite normal and I have it on mine too. It is up to you. I would sleep on it and see how you feel about it tomorrow.
  3. Funny - just watched your video (I think it was you!) where you mentioned the wrinkling although it wasn't visible. So you think the chaps and the rivet indentation are bothersome enough were it you? I appreciate the honest opinion. Yes I am going to sleep on it.
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  4. Thank you! The stitching seems off track and a little bit thick plus I am not sure how that ring indent got on there, did they move the rivet? It sounds like you didn't save a ton of money so I honestly don't know what you should do. For me, I think I would return it.
  5. I would not keep it. Get a brand new one, the savings are not worth it.
  6. If it were just the creasing on the bandouliere strap, I'd say keep it. If it were just the sloppy stitching on the chap, I'd say keep it. But both of those, plus the rivet pushed into the chap (which, to me, is the worst problem)... 3 strikes, you're out, purse... or in this case, returned. I'd suggest returning it due to multiple issues.
  7. I am leaning that way - I know it will wear and some of this won't even matter in the long run but what if I use the bag and decide I don't like the size and decide to sell it-- what if this detracts from the value. I keep repeating myself but I never scrutinize like this usually. So it makes me think maybe there is something to be concerned with or that I don't think I am going to like a 25 size. I have an Empreinte 25 Infini which I love and has a different look -- more substantial. I thought I would enjoy a canvas all weather 25 and enjoy the lighter weight too. My Infini had a few dents in the glazing on the strap and I kept it. I didn't get panicked like a lot of people did and it didn't worsen so I'm good. Ah what to do lol. Thank you for your insight and thanks for putting out great video content. I subscribed and can tell I have a lot of things to watch :smile:)
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  8. thank you -- this is helpful.
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  9. what's with this kind of quality passing inspection -- sad!
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  10. Return!
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  11. I wouldn’t keep it. The sloppy stitching would bother me.
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  12. I would just buy a new one. Pre-loved savings can’t buy you peace of mind.
  13. I would return and buy new from the store.
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  14. Return
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  15. I checked online and none were to be had in the 25 size. I didn't want to have to travel to a boutique and really want the matte style. When I saw new 2019 came with everything even the box "suitable for gift giving" and what images shown looked good thought I had made a good choice. The wrinkle was in one of the pictures but the chap issues not. Thanks!