I have too many bags!

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  1. I've had an epiphany - I was tidying up & as I tried to jam another bag into the wardrobe, I realised I just have too many bags.
    So, I've narrowed it down to the ones I love & will use for years & the others are out.
    Trouble is this air of frugality then spread & I've now worked my way through all my clothes & accessories. Does any woman actually need 4 pairs of sunnies or 5 purses???? :wtf:
    I now have a very big pile of stuff that's heading to the charity shop & ebay.
    And, I WILL NOT be buying any more bags or purses in 2009. You all are my witnesses. :yes:
  2. I'm going through your list and trying to work out which ones are missing...

    Magenta Hanover is the only one I can think of...

    Oh, hang on, your vintage one, your Soho (which had kind of gone anyway) and the Martha. Is that right?

    I do know exactly what you mean (see my post from a few weeks ago :rolleyes:) but I just can't be quite so drastic.

    I would say that yes, you do need 4 pairs of sunnies - I've got way more than that :lol: but a few of them are cheapies and I tend to match them with my outfits.

    Purses - no, I can't get my head around having more than one purse as I don't want to switch over. I love my current purse - also still love my oak zip around wallet but I just won't use it until my current purse falls to bits. I was so tempted to get the orange Mabel purse to match my bag (purses don't count, right?!) but thankfully stopped myself.

    As long as you're not being too hasty ;)

  3. Eeeek!! This is a bit rash isn't it :lol: If you have the storeage space, be careful not to get rid of stuff that you might regret later. Done that before, it's not a good feeeling :sad:

    I do understand what you mean though, I'm forever turning stuff out - partly to create space, and partly because, wearing a uniform for work, I just don't need and certainly can't use that many bags, clothes, shoes, accessories.......:sweatdrop:
  4. Ooo yeah, just seen your post Dita - surely you're not getting rid of Mageta Hanover - you love that baby :nuts:
  5. What else has gone :confused1:

    SJ , you use most of your bags in the Summer don't you ? I hope you don't regret it .
  6. I cant work out which ones are missing, is it the magenta hanover and martha (like dita said)??? :confused1:

    Ok, here's what is out.
    Magenta Hanover - I haven't used it really this winter.
    Lavender Martha - going to a lovely new home.
    Black congo Helier - never use it, was holding on to it for sentimental reasons as it was my first Mulberry.
    Plum Somerset - an impulse buy. Lovely but doesn't go with anything I wear.
    Lemon Roxanne - teetering about this one which is why it's still in my signature.
    Cream Soho - I gave this to my mum & it came back. I realised I'm never going to use it.
    Choc long congo purse - haven't used it for a couple of years.
    Orange Designers Guild purse - bored with it.

    Sunnies - problem is Dita, all mine have been pricey ones from duty free. There's nothing like wandering around trying on sunnies while waiting to catch a flight! I have Fendi, Armani, D&G & CK. I'm going to hang on to them all but not buy any more.

    You kow me, I'm all or nothing so I need to do this while I'm feeling this determined. It's only stuff after all!
  8. Blimey SJ there is a lot thats got the boot!!! :wtf::wtf::nuts:

    Are you sure?
  9. I've had a think about this one , as I downsized my collection a little before Christmas ( no Mulberries went though ) . Sometimes it's better to buy 3 or 4 bags a year that you really love and will use , when you tire of them or they no longer go with your wardrobe , pass them on , rather than holding onto them . I do this with clothes all the time , so why not bags ?
  10. I had hoped, you would put red Mabel up on ebay!!!
  11. sj, hold onto the hanover..its such a lovely rare bag!
  12. ^^ lol
  13. I also do like this once or twice every year. I downsize my wardrobe and book and DVD collection and also the kitchenthings. It free space at home and it makes me see what I really want to keep on to. haven't done t with my bags yet though, because I haven't got anything I don't want to keep.
  14. LOL was meant for BC's comment .

    SJ , I think because you like change that is the way forward Love'em , Use'em ,Pass'em on !!
  15. Salikons, I'm like you, I regularly do it with the house, my books & DVDS & I've always done it with clothes. My wardrobe needs revolving doors!
    But I've not done it with my bags really before. I've given a few away in the past but this is the first time my collection has got so large - wonder if it could be anything to do with tpf?!
    I'm not the type to have things & not use them. My mother has 6 double wardrobes full of clothes she never wears - that would drive me crazy.

    I know the magenta Hanover is rare now but what's the point of it sitting in my wardrobe when someone else could be using it & loving it? Same with lemon Roxy.

    Flossie, that's going to be my mantra now!