I have too many bags, amd I'm an idiot.

  1. I just tried to put a bag up on eBay, completed the listing, took a second look at the gallery photo, and said, No way! I can't sell that! And immediately cancelled the auction. I can't tell you how many times I've done that. In the last week alone.

    My husband keeps saying I have too many bags. I do, I have a Coach optic ladybug bag that I never carry but can't part with.
    A Biasia chocolate gypsy tote.
    A beautiful chocolate brown suede, fringy, bag. I love fringe. Haven't carried it for a couple of years.
    A Chloe paddy, carried it a week.
    A Chloe Bay, it's gorgeous, brand new, and I can't carry it for fear of cheating on the Balenciaga.
    And of course, the Bbags....all nine of them. With plans for three more.
    Oh ya, and Le Sportsac Tokidoki pirate print that arrives tomorrow.

    This is a bizarre, twisted, expensive "hobby", um obsession. What happened to the good old days when I had a purse? One purse that I just carried my crap in?

    Can you identify?
  2. ^^Your topic heading made me laugh out loud! How did you know what I was thinking? About myself!!! Why are we like this? :wtf:
  3. I'm sure you aren't alone here! :smile:

    For me, I enjoy the finer things in life, but since I don't have a money tree, I try to use everything I have.. So I take a long time before deciding if I really really REALLY need to purchase that new thing (whether it's a purse, shoes, makeup, skincare, etc).

    I tell my hubby he's lucky that I'm so practical ;)
  4. Yes. :sad:
  5. I can empathize with your plight. I used to have just a few purses that I would switch out seasonally. Now, I choose my outfits to go with the bag I want to use (not the other way around). I really must stop my acquisitions, but can't and I don't want to part with any either. I'm glad to know that there are others out there like me. :p
  6. Not alone!!!

    I do the same thing :shame:

    I feel guilty for having so many and yet I want more at the same time.

    So I rationalize that I can sell one to buy another and then I can't bear to part with *any* of them!!
  7. ^^ OMG, you just described me too :nuts:

    p.s. it's some sick, twisted obsession for sure
    p.p.s. so far, i have yet to find a cure :push:
  8. I with you shortee. I can't afford anymore bags so that is why I only have one. I use and abuse by black city, I am going to get my money out of that bag. If I didn't use it my DH would kill me.
  9. Same here...I am like that. I have quite a few bags that I don't use & I just let them sit in my closet so I can admire them from time to time. I just like them to look as new as possible. I really want to sell them all...what's the point of having money sitting in my closet?
  10. I can relate..... I put a sweater holder in my closet to keep them in one spot, and I swap them out regularly depending on where I am headed. I feel much less guilty if I use them all.
  11. Hi, my name is Puteribelibelah and I'm a bag addict.

    Whenever DH asks me why do I need so many handbags when I only wear one at a time and some hardly worn, I used to have to come up with a list justifying my buying habit. Now I just tell him I'm a bag collector! :nuts: 'Nuff said.

    And it works. ;)
  12. i'm a shopaholic in general. it used to be equally distributed around clothing, shoes and bags, but lately, i've started to develop a purse mania.

    or shall we say, a bbag mania? :nuts:

    i say, as long as you get full enjoyment from your goods, go for it! but if it racks you with guilt, and you don't absolutely love something, either don't buy it or sell what you have...


    i think we are all so fortunate to have such beautiful things, especially when most of the world barely survive on annual income levels the cost of our amex bills.

    i'll step off the soap box now and go spend some cuddle time with my anthracity. :jammin:
  13. Love YOU! You read my mind. You can never have enough, right? Once you get one, you start lusting for the next!
  14. i can totally relate but i don't think you're an idiot at all -- at least you love and use (most of) your bags (which is why you find it so hard to part with them). i used to buy them and never use them and then sell them (without any sadness) for a loss -- who's the idiot? i did some soul searching recently and realized that i enjoyed the thrill of the chase more than the bags themselves and i just.have.to.stop.
  15. I can certainly relate to the guilt of having more bags than I actually NEED. I have finally accepted the fact that I am addicted to Balenciaga. There is no hope for me. :wacko:

    I have alway liked bright colored bags but never really found a style that worked for me...then I found this forum and I was totally overwhelmed by all the colors and styles that I actually had 25 different colors on my want list at one point. :nuts: I have since narrowed that down, but my collection has reached the point where I do start to feel guilty about purchasing new bags (I'm up to 7 now). But I think as long as you use the bags, they make you happy, and you don't have to take out a loan to purchase them, there is nothing wrong with having a large collection.