i have to write a 15-page seminar paper about counterfeiters...

  1. and i'm stuck on the second section. what the assignment is, is we have to pick a specific profession or area within our field of study. mine is fashion merchandising, lots of business courses and marketing courses. i was going to try and do something in the marketing field but my professor claimed i was making it too hard and pretty much picked my topic for me. i go to a design school so the topic of knock-offs has been totally played out with the professors, but if that's what he wants i'll give it to him. so anyway, we have to pick a global trend that is affecting my industry and profession in a particular country.

    my country is china as it seems most counterfeit fashion items are exported from china. however, i need to pick a specific case study within that country. here is what my guidelines say:

    this section will analyze the impact of your global trend on your profession as it is practiced in your country of choice. depending on your professional field and the country you are examining, your case study my focus on

    a) the impact of your global/regional trend on your profession as a whole throughout the country, or
    b) the impact of your trend on one specific corporation, industry or organization in that country, or
    c) the impact of your trend on the activities of one practitioner of your profession in that country

    as an example to the class he used my trend and my country and said an example of this section would be finding a particular instance where the chinese government caught or prosecuted counterfeiters in the act. i have been searching but not having much luck. anyone have any suggestions or know of any good articles off hand? TIA.
  2. I have found some interesting bits in the past on the Chinese governments Customs Site, maybe see if there's anything on these links from searching counterfeit vuitton - for example this was the result link :


    If that doesn't work for you here's their site link to do some exploring :


    Good luck with your project :smile:
  3. THANKS VISTA!!!! that's exactly the kinda stuff i was looking for! you hit the jackpot, wish i had thought to look there :smile: you're awesome, just made this part of the paper a lot easier! THANK YOU :biggrin:
  4. Welcome, glad I could help :smile:
  5. This isn't quite the same perspective, but I was recently came across an old WSJ article about luxury companies who have chosen to have some of their products manufactured in China or Korea and the effect it has had on them - on the one hand, they get the product manufactured much cheaper - but on the other hand, they have a potential marketing issue (luxury buyers want their products made in Italy/France etc. rather than China/Korea), and the company also faces a huge increase in the number and quality of fakes of their products, because some of the factories switch over to making fake versions of their legitimate product lines after hours.

    Just thought it was interesting, not sure if it will be useful to you at all...
  6. thanks ;) yeah i read a news article about how once the chinese know how to make an american product there's nothing stopping them from making a fake to sell on their own. this is one reason why major fashion houses who fight against counterfeiting will never go to china to produce their products.
  7. I'm just leaving a motivational post :yes::smile:.

    15 pages! That's a lot! I hope you find everything you need!!
  8. I subscribe to Bazaar magazine, and they have an initiative called Fakes are Never in Fashion. Here's a link to the news section of the website, and there are tons of articles and videos of tv stories on fakes. Hope this helps!
  9. ^ Ok, this deserves some research- I just read the WWD article on the Bazaar website, and it says that France has a law that if you as a consumer are caught carrying a fake, you can be fined up to 300,000 euros and face a 3 year jail sentence!! I wanna hear more about that law- you should do your paper on how the legislature developed the law, how it's being enforced, and whether it's made a difference. Crazy!
  10. ^^ I've read that article in Harper's Bazaar! I thought it was a great article!! Very informative!