I have to wait ten days for my black city to get here??!

  1. This is so stinking obnoxious to me. I bought my black city, which my SA painstakingly tracked down for me from NM during double points for incircle. This was ordered a week ago from Las Vegas and I live in WA state. This should have been here within 3 days, but NOOOOO she said today when I called her "TEn working days" WTF?! Are you kidding me? I just spent that much money and I get ten working days? She wouldn't even take the time to track it. My fav. SA is no longer my favorite SA. FIRED! Sorry to sound like a spoiled brat, but this seems like a little too long for shipping 2.
  2. alot of retailers use UPS for ground shipping. Its less expensive for everyone involved. And unfortunately UPS makes alot of stops along the way. You will most likely see it in less than 10 days. Be patient.
  3. they ususally say 10 days to cover themselves
  4. also, call the store again and ask for the tracking number and the shipper used. You can then track it yourself on the internet.
  5. SO I finally convinced my SA to track my precious baby (in her defense, I am cranky today and she is very busy. I retract my snarky previous comments. ) she said that NM doesn't allow for the SA's to give out tracking #'s (since when) , but she said it will be here tomorrow!!! Can you believe I waited this long to get black?
  6. But it will be so worth the wait! Can't wait to see pics!!!
  7. Shasta this happened to me with Saks on their tripple point days.:yes: I waited one week to get my package and their excuse was "their sale was unbelievable on triple point day that shipping packages got delayed".:nuts: Hang in there, this waiting makes it even more exciting to see your new baby.:heart:
  8. I don't know about Saks, but Bergdorf Goodman and NM don't give out UPS tracking numbers either. At least from my experience.

    Lots of retailers don't give out tracking numbers. Why? I don't know, maybe so they can have some sort of recourse in case things happen.

    Hang in there! 10 days isn't so bad!
  9. totally true - worth the wait!!! :graucho: at least you don't have to wait 2 and half weeks!!!

    keep us up-dated :nuts:
  10. :sad: oh I understand your frustration, though - to have someone tell you TEN days is so annoying when you're forking over lots o $$ and really looking forward to it....but TOMORROW! :nuts: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay post pics please!!!!
  11. That bites and I would lose my sh!t. For spite I'd order a new one somewhere else and mark the NM package "return to sender". Ten days, no can do. :rant:
  12. Trust me...I TOTALLY know the feeling. After coughing up all of the money for my Aqua Work and having to wait three weeks from the day I ordered it...I was honestly ready to never order anything ever again.
    But when you do finally receive it- you may not believe me now, but all of your animosity will simply melt away into nothing! You'll be so happy with your bag that you'll forgive anyone for anything at that point!
    that being sad, 10 days domestic shipping time is RIDICULOUS. They obviously use the same sad old pack mule as BalNY.
  13. Hi, i can understand how u feel esp u've been waiting for it so long and pay so much $$ for it and they only come back to u sayin that 10 workin days and ur item will arrive...that's why it's really hard to understand esp u are within the country but jus different states, how can it takes so long and they even don't provide tracking #......to me, i will be freaking worried abt it as u wuldn't know if the item will get lost halfway esp like us, we are stayin so far, we really needs to have the tracking # for us to trace the package, at least it can helps us to ease the pain and effort where the package status is......well, jus take this time to drop by to TPF for a chat or continue to browse anything that interests u, that's how i distract myself from thinkin of my purchases....eheheheheh
  14. Are you sure she didn't say WITHIN 10 working days? That's usually what they say for UPS, but depending on where you live, it could get there a lot earlier. Wow, I know what you're going through, though, Shasta. I hate the wait. It is the absolute worst.

  15. How odd, I have done almost all of my Bbag ordering from the NM in LV and they always send the bag via Fedex and I pay the $31.00 for overnight shipping. There is noooooooooooooo way that I could wait 10 days!!!