I have to vent...Dishonest Hermes buyers

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  1. :tdown: Ok this may not be the correct place for this but I just saw my Jigi clutch on ebay being sold by someone who bought and claimed it never arrived, did a charge back against me and I have been out large money for about 6 months now..chasing through piles of USPS claims and files..still out my money and bag!! And Yes I had signature required on the package! I don't know how this could happen but it did..I am just pig bitting mad.. And the seller is selling it for a buy it now of 350. bucks! She is dishonest to say the least she got the bag for free by doing a charge back..and now she'll get money by selling it..Beware you might not get anything if you buy it! Who knows???
  2. Sorry to hear this! Is there anything that you can do to report her?
  3. can you use option 3 in my signature to report this to ebay?
    shame on her. but now that the jige is up on ebay, maybe you will get justice?
  4. How about using their (e-bay) live help link located at the top right of the page and 'talking' to someone about it now?
  5. Oh thank you everyone! here's the catch... ebay didn't do anything wrong..the USPS did they gave her the package without having her sign for it or she pulled a fast one on them some how... I can't report it as a fake because it isn't I know it's real..It was my bag... It was so long ago and the case was closed by ebay in favor of the buyer...actually the credit card company took the money and ran just like she did....I just wanted to let you all know that this can happen even when you are fully insured,pay for signature confirmation etc.. so everyone be careful out there...
  6. I was so steamed I wrote her a little note in the ask the seller a question..
    I said.. Oh how nice you finally found a nice jigi after all.. it is so similar to the one I sold you , remember the one that got lost in the post? Luckily for you you were able to get all your money back..too bad for me I have been going through files and claims all this time with the USPS and still have no money. Best of luck with you auction.
    Maybe I souldn't have wrote it? I just couldn't stop myself!
  7. Wow...that's awful!!
  8. you should have someone do a buy it now for you and then do a chargeback on her. You will have your purse back and the cash! Sounds wrong i know, but paypal nor ebay does crap to help us out - as you found out. The way I look at it, you are just getting your bag back.

  9. i was going to say the same thing!
  10. So sorry to hear of this. Perhaps you may want to post the buyer's ID so that members selling their bags or stuff on ebay would be aware?
  11. Well that's just it..I don't know how to get around not signing for a package that has to be signed for!How can you do a charge back if the item has clearly not been delivered as per the usps tracking? Thetracking said item attempted to be delivered note left to come to post office if not signed for item will be returned to sender??? It was not returned and I am out the bucks and going through yards and yards of paper work...:cursing: still no money for insurance claim since Dec 4th 2007
  12. I would have. I'd be flippin PO'ed!!! That's horrible she did that to you :cursing: I'm starting to hate ebay myself. It used to be nice but now people find so many ways to scam you and ebay/paypal fees are crazyyy. I'm finally having my first taste of non paying bidders as well.
  13. I just looked this jige up...So sorry Doc! This happened to me too. Was $650.00 LV Soufflot. USPS stole it I am sure or the buyer has it and sold it..etc.., said it was signed for etc....refunded the $ to said buyer and I was out the bag...So sorry!!!!
  14. Keeping fingers crossed that no one purchases it!!
    So sorry this has happened to you.:heart:
  15. Karma will bite that buyer in the ass!