I have to vent about about my UPS driver!

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  1. I waited at home ALL day for my aqua city. I just went outside to water my plants and what is on my door? An attempted delivery notice! The stinkin' driver did not even knock or ring my door bell, which works perfectly fine! I called the 1-800 # on the slip and complained, got a call back saying that if I want it I can meet her at the copy store at 4:30. WTF! I paid for second day delivery and I have to chase her down at a copy store? I am so annoyed. Sorry had to vent, but you know that I will be at that copy store waiting for my bag!
  2. I can't wait to see pics! This just happened to me today. I took the dog out and there was a USPS slip on my door and I was there, too!:cursing: It's amazing now days what kind of service is exceptable!
  3. Don't you hate that.:cursing: This happened to me twice before.:yes: He has my cell number now and any time i am not home he calls me (i know, i am crazy).:wacko: He know how sick i get when i miss delivery of my Bbags.:nogood:
  4. Yes this has happened with me with USPS and UPS, it sucks big time!
  5. I hate UPS. They don't ever ring my doorbell, and they take forever with all sorts of "rescheduled deliveries" and "unavoidable delays."

    And I understand that those things do happen, but they don't seem to happen nearly as much with USPS (fastest and cheapest choice, usually) or FedEx. I don't like it when sellers give UPS as your only option.

    ANYWAY! I hope you love your bag and I can't wait to see it.
  6. Yep, that has happened to me too! He delivered it across the street to my neighbor; when I went to grab it, they weren't home! So I still had to wait!
  7. I have had this problem SO many times. I've gotten failed delivery notices when I've been home ALL DAY. They really just don't even knock. They're so useless.
  8. I DESPISE UPS! :cursing:

    They never buzz up in my building. For my last shipment from Bal NY, I "missed" their first delivery attempt. I was going on vacation so I rescheduled the delivery for the next day. Gues what? No delivery attempt! Then I called to complain, rescheduled delivery for the day I got back from vacation and said DO NOT ATTEMPT UNTIL THIS DATE. Guess what? They attempted delivery while I was away! Finally rescheduled for a THIRD time, stayed home from work and GUESS WHAT?? No attempted delivery. When I called to complain they said "oh, oops, the girl put the wrong delivery date in, it will be there tomorrow". I complained enough that time that they made the driver drop it off on his way home.

    Sorry. End of Rant
  9. Wow that is so crazy. This hasn't happened to me yet but my post office is really slow so when I wait for packages it takes them forever to process them in and get the package slip into my box (I have a po box).
  10. I had the exact same experience a month ago with a package. Took the dogs out, and when I came back there was a slip about attempted delivery. WTF?
  11. I had that problem in CA all the time and I had to constantly go to fedex or ups to pick up my packages.

    Here in AZ I have been lucky, I live and work in the small city I live in and when Mr. UPS cant get me at home, he delivers to my work when he drops stuff off here in the afternoon!

    Plus, my UPS guy is waaaaay cute, so if he screwed up, I couldnt be mad at him for long. Such a cutie!
  12. I think your dog is a cuite.:P Hi Chloe, i love this picture of her.:tender::heart:
  13. I've chased my UPS guy down twice now. It's a little ridiculous that I have to literally search my neighborhood with my 3 kids in tow for that brown truck just so I can get my bag .:wtf: But the worst part is how my packages arrive. They're always beaten and partially open. I'm surprised my bags don't just fall right out of the box.
  14. ^^LOL Donna!
    For me, FedEx Ground is always a problem... FedEx Express, USPS, and UPS has been okay so far. At least they let me pick up the pacakges.
  15. Oh Donna! you crack me up! UPS drives me crazy. Ground service takes like forever, and they never ever deliver early. Fedex, on the other hand, is normally a day early for me when it ships ground. =)