I have to stop visiting this forum right before bed!!

  1. truly...all these gorgeous bags make my heart race!
    Now I can't wait to get the big bag and am nervous that Paul is not going to put one aside for me in both leather and vinyl so that I can choose (or get both--good point about the ark, SoCal)...
    I feel like I am missing out if I don't get something in the cloudy bundle collection...
    Ditto on the diamond stitch (or outdoor, was it?) because I really love the leather...
    Oh my gosh, I can't get the 2.55 burgandy out of my head!!

    I am sure I am forgetting something...and it just never ends!!

    Deep breaths, deep breaths.....

    Goodnight, kindred spirits!:love:
  2. Sweet Chanel dreams!
  3. NIGHT!! LOL!! I feel the same way!!
  4. I feel your pain! I am carrying a Nine West wallet in my Chanel bags and driving a 10 year old car. I need to start dreaming about reality, LOL!
  5. Sweet dreams!
  6. Good Night!

    This season is a killer isn't it? :sigh:
  7. This forum does funny things to your thoughts and desires! Sleep tight!
  8. Roey, you sound like me! :lol:

  9. :roflmfao:

    how did I miss that priceless quote from Roey!?:lol:
  10. i am addicted to this forum and the bags.
  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    This is so true! And so me!
  12. So, I am not in this alone. It is 5:00 here and I just sprang out of my bed to the forum. I went to bed thinking about that bronze reissue and why the h... is it taking so long. I have a really, really, big meeting at 8:00, which will probably go on for ever, OMG! I hope I can focus, good morning to all of you later, bye!
  13. i usually sleep around 12. now i sleep at 3 .....all because of this addictive forum...arrrgggg
  14. :lol: I guess it's good morning now! I do the same thing. I check the forum before I go to bed and then all I can think about when trying to go to sleep is all the bags I am dying to get and how I can afford them all!:girlsigh: Then when I get up I am on the forum before work! DH is always rolling his eyes at me telling me I need a 12 step program!!!!
  15. [:roflmfao:
    Loved the responses!! we have lots in common!
    good morning!!