I have to stop. No. Really. Seriously. I have to stop. (rant!)

  1. OK, so I was chatting on another thread and got to listing the stuff I'd bought in the last little-over-a-month since I bought my first Coach bag, and I realized something.

    I'm always broke and now I know why. I'm spending UNGODLY amounts of money for someone who just graduated college and is out on her own!

    My fiancee pointed this out to me.

    I've got to stop. Seriously. Don't you guys think I've taken it too far? But HOW DO I STOP?! I work at Coach, for the love of Pete! Help me rationalize this! In the last month and a week, I've bought: (and this is just what I remember)

    Signature Stripe Tote in Crimson/Khaki
    Signature Multi-Stripe Demi
    Signature Stripe Demi in Black
    Red Legacy Small Hobo
    Pink Suede Large Hobo
    Super-Skinny Long Scarf (purple)
    Hamptons Scribble Ponytail Scarf
    Legacy Stripe Ponytail Scarf
    Multi Stripe Ponytail Scarf
    Watercolor Stripe Ponytail Scarf
    Optic Ponytail Scarf in Pool
    Solid Perfume
    Multi Stripe Mini Skinny
    Black Sig Stripe Mini Skinny
    Multi Stripe Wristlet
    Punch Sig Stripe Wristlet
    Tortoise Charm
    S Charm
    Heart Pic Frame Charm
    Red Trigger Snap Keyfob

    I know there's more than this. I just can't remember what else I bought. And my brain is fried and boggled trying to add up the cost of this in my head!!!

    HOW DID I GET THIS WAY?! Am I alone?! Have any of you gone this mad before?! For a while I justified it by the fact that I quit smoking and have been nicotine free for 3 weeks. But I can't use that excuse anymore.. I'm just sick... or crazy.... *crawls under the coffee table to hide and wait to be laughed at/ridiculed by everyone for going this OCD....* And see, now I'm looking at this and thinking I'm sounding like I'm bragging (though I hear tPF is for shameless bragging and obsessing) and that's not it at all, I'm just shocked and wondering how the hell to stop myself! I keep thinking, you know, if I get this one last thing I'll be good, but then SOMETHING ELSE comes along and I'm just.... *dies. face red. embarassed. crawls back under table.*

    :wtf: :shame: :sos: :ban: :dftt:
  2. Don't be ashamed!! most of the things you bought were scarves and mini skinnys!! and a couple of small bags.. at least you're getting them on sale!! you are justified!!!
  3. hey can a magazine fit into the signature stripe demi? just asking?
  4. and besides, a coach addiction is WAY more healthy than a nicotine addiction
  5. No :sad: I can fit a cell phone, mini skinny, keys, lip gloss, Chanel powder compact, mascara, nail clippers, business card holder and perfume purse spray in there though. My manager was like "Holy crap I didn't realize you could fit all that in a demi!" LOL!
  6. lol ok... how bout a romance novel?
  7. i bought a legacy natural wristlet but returned it b/c i felt guilty! i need to use that money on other things! you should add up how much you have spent and see how that compares to your other bills. reality check! whenver i want to spend money on something that is not a necessity i just walk away and think, "in the grand scheme of life, is this bag/shirt/skirt/shoes etc really going to make that much of a difference?" i think that you should reward yourself with a little COACH item if you reach a certain goal, like saving XX amount of dollars, or go for so however long without spending money on extras. it will feel good!

  8. A thin harlequin (or a thicker romance novel but you wouldn't be able to zip it, but it's thin enough where nothing would fall out and it wouldn't matter, i leave mine unzipped sometimes).
  9. well i wish i could say that i bought two bags and sold one of them....
  10. No, you don't wish you could say that. I just added up the dollar amount-- and it's still 3 digits, but enough to make me want to hit myself in the head with my nine iron. :sad:
  11. I feel your pain. my best friend said I need to go to HA - Handbags anonymous. I understand what she's saying, but I really want more bags. i tried a ban and it didn't work. I've purchased a lot of bags on sale, eBay or in the outlet. Only 1 full priced bag and wristlet so far this year, but I need to stop too. I just don't want to miss out on anything and regret it later.
  12. Ya know, 15 out of 20 of those things, so 75%, are small things. Oh! And 2 of those bags you got super cheap on eBay, for cheaper than a ponytail scarf! It's not like you bought 20 legacy satchels.
    It's funny how you don't realize how much you've purchased until you actually think about it. One or two things here or there add up quick!
    Don't feel bad, enjoy what you got. Sometimes to slow down, I keep a list of what I want, stare at it for a week and if I still like it, keep it on the list, if not so much, cross it off. I've eliminated so much that way.
    (and I didn't think you were braggin :smile:
  13. That's what I keep thinking! That's what I was thinking today when I bought that tortoise-- get it now before I can't get it or I have to pay a fortune for it!

    And I'll admit, I've only paid full price for 2 out of those 5 bags-- the rest have been half price or much less-- but still. Glad to know I'm not alone! When I've bought the bags I've really surfed for bargains.... :shame:
  14. at least it/s not 4 or 5 digits!!
  15. :roflmfao: