I have to share. This seller done lost their mind!!

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  1. At least the shipping is free! :lolots:
  2. I was able to snag one off ebay for $50 total... :graucho:

  3. lol
  4. I do have to agree that it is obnoxious. I can't stand when something is listed waaaay above retail when the item is still available online/in store. I just don't get?!?!?! :nuts:
  5. Crazy! That reminds me of a listing I saw recently for an Ocelet coin purse starting at $60!!! It sells for $39 at the outlets!
  6. If she can sell it for that price, I say more power to her. :smile:
  7. What I think is funny, is how a lot of people do not think to check Coach.com before they bid...on a bidding auction item.
    A $48 wristlet suddenly becomes a $96 one....and it's all their own doing. If only they checked the website... That, to me, is more funny than sellers fixed prices. LOL!
  8. Some fool will buy it.
  9. I just ran across something on ebay today, don't recall what, but it was listed as RARE and it was just released and is very much available on the website!:rolleyes:
  10. The ones that get me are the sellers who put up an MFF bag, and a not-so-rare one at that, with the MFSRP (or a few bucks less than MFSRP) as the BIN!

    We Coachies know that most MFF bags were never sold at MFSRP unless they are exact re-issues of FP bags, but a casual buyer might not know that.

    A little buyer savviness can go a long way....
  11. Like the Ocelot capacity wristlet going for $150 (retail $98)

    Uhhh okay......NEXT!
  12. They probably don't know that you can order items directly from coach. I didn't know that until I joined TPF!
  13. Some of these sellers are unreal. They prey on buyers who don't have a clue what these items truly cost