I have to share my excitement

  1. I have a large black muse and my mom has coveted it for as long as I have owned it. I have been trying to decide what color to get her for Christmas. I just stumbled upon a camel patent muse on BlueFly -- which is absolutely perfect for her. Her wardrobe is very classic (i.e Ralph Lauren herringbones, rich tones etc) so this will be perfect.

    AND I got an amazing deal on it (<$950 for a large patent muse)!!!! I am so excited!!!! I am attaching a copy of the pic from BlueFly...
  2. I saw that the other morning - beautiful bag and what a great deal!
    Your mom is a lucky lady!
  3. Awww! That's so sweet! What a gorgeous purse, too :love:
  4. Congrats!! The Camel is gorgeous. :tup:
    You are so sweet. :girlsigh:
  5. Nice! I'm sure she will love it!
  6. sounds like your mom and i are about the same age, and i have the camel nappa leather one, which i use all the time. great gift and great deal!!!!!!!!!:tup:
  7. It's a beautiful bag at a fabulous price! :tup:

  8. congrats!!! nice colour...easy to wear..enjoy it...
  9. Your mom will love it and love you even more for the gesture. What a nice daughter!