I have to sell my two LV totes but I got THIS!!!

  1. I have always loved large tote bags but due to a back problem last January I finally sold all of my older heavy leather totes. Shortly after I bought the Neverfull GM and just a few months ago a bought the Saleya MM. Unfortunetly my back seems to be worse these days and carrying both of these bags makes it even worse. :crybaby: The only style bag I seem to be able to carry is a satchel type such as the Speedy.

    I decided to sell both bags as I can't stand staring at them in the closet, especially the Saleya. :crybaby: I was really bummed out so I went to the mall just to walk around and I found this!!! :yahoo: I love Epi Leather. Its so classy and not heavy. I probably shouldn't have done it but I have been wanting a new bag and everything else I have found has just been too heavy. This baby put a smile on my face and won't kill my back!!!

    Some of you may have read my my thread about the Madeleine GM....
    I am keeping this bag as its actually works well in hand or over my arm and is actually a little smaller than the other two! Besides I figure if I don't carry it everyday...
  2. Congrats!!! Red Epi is soo classy, and whie epi cles is cute too, love em both!:yahoo:
  3. Stunning.Love the colour :drool:
  4. I Love Red Epi Leather.. Classy and fun at the same time.
  5. lovely choices!
  6. AAAAAAAH! I've been trying to find amateur pix of the white cles since the beginning of time! TY TY TY!
  7. GORGEOUS! congrats!! and i hope your back will be better soon!:flowers:
  8. Congrats! I find Epi in Red is the nicest of all, classy & just in time for the festive season.
  9. Wow, beautifull combination!:heart:
  10. Congrat!!!!The red is so beautiful, wear it in the good health!!!!
  11. Congrats!
    You're right......epi leather is amazing!
  12. Gorgeous!!!
  13. Love the red! That is going to be just stunning for the holidays and year round. Good luck with your back issues, I know they can be difficult. Take care of yourself:flowers:
  14. i think you made the right decision. the Alma is a classic! and Epi is great because it can go from jeans to smart casual and even semi-formal. congrats :tup:
  15. How beautiful! I am very partial to the epi leather collections!