I have to say that I am just loving my whiskey Ali!!!

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  1. Wow what a substantial, gorgeous bag this is! No wonder everyone is so crazy about Ali - this is Coach at its best!! I cant say I got many compliments on it (around here if it doesnt have C's all over it no one really notices!!!) - except at the Coach store yesterday. And when I pulled out the matching wallet that i had already the SA screamed at me "YOU HAVE THE MATCHING WALLET TOO!!!!l" Cant wait for my black one to arrive!!! and I'm so glad I conditioned it. It really lets me relax and enjoy the bag. Ive put scratches on it from my nails already and they just kinda rub right in. and I'm actually enjoying the little variations of color in the leather - it just works with this bag, KWIM?!
  2. Oh I totally agree! I love my whisky Ali! She is the best bag I have ever gotten!
  3. lol, The ali seems to be alot of peoples favorite. I was in the store the other day and the Male SA went nuts telling me it was his favorite bag lol and when I told them how much I actually paid for mine, the other SA looked so mad. When they first came out, even w/their discount she paid more than i did!!!!
  4. same here!my ALI arrived 2 days ago and
    my brother who said that the whiskey colour
    looks like something ONLY an older lady would
    wear is apologizing now.he thinks it looks hot now!!
    damn,i just looooooove this bag so much!:tender:
  5. I can not wait to get her, I hope she gets mailed today.

    Ditto with the "if it's not the sig people don't know it's Coach". My husband laughs because I can spot a coach bag a mile away (and I'll often whisper...that's not real or that's a Goach lol).
  6. :woohoo::wlae::yahoo: Yay! I just love the ali. Im so glad you like her. I agree with everything you say. It is Coach at it's best!
  7. I had a whiskey Ali (purchased at outlet for a GREAT price) and returned it. Imagine a cartoon character repeatedly banging her head against a brick wall, and that is me! What a foolish decision I made!

    I am so glad you love your whiskey Ali and that the conditioning made the bag even better. I always notice Alis when I see them; they are gorgeous bags!
  8. Yup Yup Yup, The Ali is one hot bag!! I am thinking of getting a whiskey one as well :yahoo:
  9. I recently got the white Ali but have not used her yet- I am so hooked on my large bleecker flap right now. But, Ali is gorgeous and I will get her out when the weather gets warmer...
  10. Darn it, donnalynn, you're making me want a whiskey Ali now!! grrr...LOL
  11. Yay! :yahoo: I am so glad you love her, Ali is such a great and timeless bag, I love her too!!! Congrats!!! :tup:
  12. I need black now....
  13. Yup, the whiskey Ali is definitely a GREAT bag!! It's true the signature is hot in my area, but I have gotten compliments on the Ali...it just looks good on!!
  14. What is a good price for one?
  15. I paid around $275 including shipping for both of mine. I know some people got them from eBay for even a little less. I see most on eBay for $300 and over, so I feel I did ok pricewise. I dont have an outlet nearby so getting them when they were there was not an option for me.