I have to return my new sig cotton satchel :(

  1. Ok, so here's the scoop... most of you know that I exchanged that HUGE cotton sig slim tote for the cotton sig satchel during PCE. I absolutely LOVE the bag, it is big, but in a good way :smile: But the first day I tried to carry it, it was ssooooo heavy! So I have left it at home and used only my matching wristlet when leaving the house. Well, the other day I was carrying the bag around the house, trying to get used to it, and when I took it off of my arm, there was a huge bruise from the strap! I am such a wuss!!

    So since yesterday was the last day for PCE, I thought I would call and see if I could do a phone order (I have already ordered via phone twice during this PCE) and then bring the bag in this week since it is an hour drive for me. The manager answered when I called and said she couldn't do phone orders. But, what she could do is, give me full credit for my bag instead of the 25% off, if I bring it in and ask to see her. SO, that will give me an extra $150.00 to spend on a new baby! I have given it TONS of thought, and I really think it is time to join the carly girls. I really wanted a bulky bag, with lots of hardware, but my skinny little frame can't handle it I guess. The carly is so pretty, and the medium size is perfect for me. .I tried it on when I bought the satchel. Plus, I have been lusting over the chocolate carly since it came out.

    I felt like such a jerk calling since I already exchanged once... but I can't just sit on a $600 bag that I will never be able to use. This has never happened to me! lol usually I am so ecstatic over my new bag, I wear it out in the first week... this poor satchel hasn't seen the light of day yet!!

    Anyways, I just wanted to share. I am very disappointed over the satchel, but relieved that the manager is so super nice to make sure I still get a deal after PCE is over :smile:
  2. Kristy im so sorry to hear that your new bag isn't working out for you. I agree when something cost so much money you have to make sure you absaloutly love it.

    The Carly is beautiful and the good thing is you can carry it over your shoulder. I hope your new bag works out for you and I can't wait to see pics!
  3. You actually got bruised or do you mean it made a red mark on your arm? :amazed: The store manager is going to give you back more money than you paid for the satchel? That sounds like a sweet deal, especially since the med Carly is so much cheaper. I hope this bag works out for you!!:smile:
  4. There is actually a purple bruise on my forearm, right inside my elbow.

    I paid 475.00 for the bag with my 25% off card, and she offered to give me the full 598.00 in store credit on a return. I think it is a sweet deal! I am going to get a swingpack too for summer travel. I already told my hubby that I will need to spend at least 45 minutes in the store because I am NOT willing to buy another bag only to return it. LOL I am pretty sure the carly will be prefect though, esp. since I can carry it on my shoulder.

    I am so excited! I can't go until this eve though because she won't be there this morning. I will post pics when I get home tonight though :smile:
  5. Bummer.
  6. yikes well you have to get what you like that what counts the most

  7. My thoughts exactly.....
  8. Wow! That is one amazing deal you've got there! Congrats! I hope you find something you absolutely love and will enjoy every day!
  9. The carly is awesome. I have 3 in assorted sizes. You're making the right choice!:woohoo:
  10. Wow, what a deal they're giving you! Those satchels are heavy. I really like the look of them, but don't think I could swing the weight. Good luck with your decision!!
  11. That's crazy that it gave you a bruise!!! I'm so glad the manager is going to give you full credit! This way you'll be able to get maybe even a couple of smaller bags!!!
  12. Wow, that's a great deal! Great choice on the Carly, too!
  13. thanks for the encouragement girls!

    I am so excited to go, but still have to wait a couple of hours till i leave... I have a list started though, from browsing at coach.com.

    Does anyone know if the new floor set is out yet?
  14. I'm glad that you're returning the satchel -- your bags should not give you bruises! Sorry that it hasn't worked out for you during PCE, but glad to see that the manager is being a sweetheart! Can't wait to see what goodies you're going to get instead!
  15. You know, I'm a lot taller and bigger than you, but I have the canvas legacy satchel, and it is a heavy bag. (I bruise easily, but I have muscular forearms, so no injuries here.) So I say, return it and get a bag that not only makes you happy, but doesn't cause you pain and injury!

    I jsut have to say - legacy satchel: not a practical bag for someone with a small baby. I love it anyway. But not my most practical purchase ever.