I have to return my Coach gloves!!!

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  1. :crybaby: :crybaby: I bought a pair of red gloves last week w/ the 25% off coupon..I was SO EXCITED as these gloves perfectly match a Marc Jacobs bag I have....Well, my husband and I went to get our tree yesterday and of course I had my red gloves & red bag..I noticed this thread hanging off the tip off my index finger and tugged on it...all the stitching on the finger ripped out and now the lining shows through!!!! I hope they have my size in stock (8)..I love these gloves...I'm su bummed..I'm upset, but not devastated b/c I know it will turn out OK..I have NEVER had a prob w/ any of my Coach bags, and some of them are over 10 yrs old...UGH!!! I'm going to call them today...Bummer huh?! :heart: Emmy
  2. Even if your store doesn't have them in stock, they'll send you another pair in your size. Sorry you had trouble..I LOVE my coach gloves!
  3. I called the store today and flew over there on my lunch...They had my size...No prob...I love them too!!! I'm so glad I got them...I wasn't too bummed that it happened..For all the Coach I have, this is the first I've ever had a problem...And I'll continue buying..It didn't sour me at all...:heart: Emmy
  4. how are you girls enjoying your gloves? does it really keep you warm?
  5. Good thing you got them fixed. What kind of gloves were they? I just bought the legacy gloves about a month ago. I think they are legacy gloves. They are short and have the buckle detail at the bottom.
  6. Glad you found them! I love my Coach gloves. Mine are brown suede with the buckle detail. They are so warm. :love:
  7. Mine are hot pink leather. Wrist length. They're SUPER warm...and easy to wear (ie still easy to handle things while you have them on).
  8. I'm glad you had no problems EMMY. Coach has such wonderful customer service. I LOVE my gloves I have the legacy in both brown and black and have gotten tons of compliments on them.
    I'm sure your red gloves are fantastic!

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  9. cute gloves! I'll have to look into getting myself a pair! Do any of you ladies know if they ever made mittens? Like a knit-type mitten?
  10. I know that last year they had some in the girls sizes - so depending on how large your hands are.....

    They were cute pink stripes too - but I have big hands :sad:
  11. I'll have to look around and see what I can find. I"ve been told my hands are small... whether or not that is true... LOL!!!!
  12. ^^really.. maybe its time for me to get some coach gloves!!
  13. okay girls you convinced me I ordered the flint ones just now!!
  14. Hehe, you're so funny aarti... and easily convinced! :nuts:
  15. ^^LOL! I know right.. I've been wanting nice gloves for a while, and was thinking of whether or not to go for it, so this was just a nice push in the right directioN! And I decided that until I make good use of my northface jacket, I won't be getting anything new this year, so its a nice compromise! ..right? lol.