I have to return my bag!!!

  1. i am soo upset. i went to use my med/lg ($1995) blk classic flap and realized i needed to exchange it as it wasn't made very well. does anyone else have this bag? Do you love it??
  2. i'm curious, what makes you say it wasn't made very well?
  3. whats wrong with the bag? can you describe it? i hope you can exchange it!!
  4. ???? not made very well ????
  5. What is the problem? Do you have photos?
  6. One of my bags was also not made well. It was the cotton club and the chain broke. I actually returned it and got the classic flap.
  7. Is it the stitching or the alignment or what? Why do you say it's poorly made?
  8. i'm curious to know what the problem is also. i would love to see pics!
  9. photos please!
  10. a.) Is it the stitching, e.g. loose threads?
    b.) Is it the quilting, e.g. not aligned properly.
    c.) Is the leather in the chain coming loose or unglued?
    d.) Are there any tears in the leather?
    e.) All of the above

    Let us know and we'll try to help.
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  13. it is where the stitching is. where it should be smooth it feels hard and kind of sticks out a little. i don't know how to exactly explain it. thanks for all of your help. maybe i am being too picky!
  14. Sounds like the tension thread from the bobbin was too loose (underside thread versus topside thread). When the tension isn't correct either from the bobbin or the needle side, you don't get uniformily locked stitches. And the one that is the culprit has elongated loose stitching. If it happens on the needle side it's clearly visible and the bag wouldn't have gone out, so I suspect it's the underneath side. In any case, best to return it as the stitching will not withstand the test of time.

    The bags that have the longer stitches, and I forget the style name, but it's that longer stitch that is more likely to break. I guess they were looking for a certain look to the bag and not thinking about the longevity of the stitch.
  15. No, you are not being picky. There were some quality issues with Chanel and you need to feel pleased with what you spent.