I have to report an AWFUL Coach ebay seller to my tpf friends.....

  1. I hate this woman! She's awful! I bought a gorgeous suede purse and was so so excited, the auction described it in wonderful condition and it was filthy. Paypal just decided in my favor and I got my money back and I still have the purse (I guess I should send it back to her right? I'm confused). Anyway, she was so rude, wouldn't respond and she sells lots of purses so I want to tell you gals so you can avoid her!

    eBay seller genuinehandbags....the worst!!!!!!

    mods, if this is inappropriate, I'm very sorry, please delete, I just don't want other tpf eBay buyers to run into this.
  2. That's horrible! I'm glad it was settled in your favor.
    I don't know what you do about it though -whether to send it back or not.....
    Thanks for sharing though!
  3. I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience but am glad to hear Paypal decided in your favor. I'd return the bag to her since you got your money back. You don't really want to be stuck trying to sell it and having to explain to someone else what happened I think.
  4. I guess sending it back would be the right thing to do but I would also consider that she might try to pass it off on someone else. Also, I personally would not want to spend a penny to send it back to her. But I'm spiteful like that sometimes :sad:

    So sorry you had to go through that but thanks for sharing.
  5. Agreed.
  6. I would never try to sell it, that would be bad, but I find myself agreeing with sweetmellissa that I hate to spend one cent on this woman by sending it back to her

    on the eBay forum they suggested I wait to see if she contacts me, I'm just not sure, I don't want to do the wrong thing, but I don't want to spend money on this stupid woman either
  7. I most definitely would NOT spend a cent to send it back to her. If she contacts you in an effort to get the bag returned to her, then tell her the only way you will do it, is if she pays for shipping and handling. Will you post pictures of the said dirty bag?

    I had bought a poppy off of ebay. I got a STEAL because the seller didn't title the bag in the best manner possible. But the seller told me that it was new with the tags on and had never been used. I specifically asked about the condition of the suede and the seller said it was perfect. When the bag came, tags were still on, but the suede was slightly dirty. Nothing out of the ordinary and nothing that I wouldn't have done to the bag myself within a matter of 5 carries. But I was still annoyed. I think I am going to try filing out the dirt . . . .
  8. ugh! that sucks to get what you thought was nwt but it's dirty

    this one she used the word WONDERFUL to describe it! it is absolutely filthy and there is vachetta on the trim that's already changed. she's the worst

    anyone else have an opinion on if I should wait to hear from her? I'm so shocked that she didn't fight me in ebay/paypal.

    if she doesn't contact me and i dont' send it back, does she have any recourse? tia
  9. I bought a bag that was supposed to have only been carried once, it had so many stains on it. The bag I've been using for seven months was in cleaner condition, at least the stains came off.
  10. You have to return the bag. I had that happen to me once and I was refunded my money and had to return the bag- that was the agreement with PayPal. You can't keep a bag you haven't paid for even if it's stained and not as described.
  11. how was it the agreement with paypal if I can ask? I just got an email saying that they decided in my favor bc the seller never responded to the paypal claim
  12. I would wait to see if she contacts you or contact her asking if she wants it back. If she wants it back, I would slap that sucker in a brown envelope and send it parcel post. :biggrin:

    Thanks for the heads up about her.
  13. Shouldn't the seller have to pay for the return shipping? I mean, the whole idea of the paypal process is to make you whole again, but if you end up being out $10.00 or whatever the return shipping costs, then you still lost money in the process. Maybe email Paypal and ask them what is the next step?

    Oh I just saw the auction link. Be glad you aren't keeping that bag. I know I mention this all the freakin' time it seems like *L*, but we had a few of the same dusted gold bags at the outlet and they ended up going up on clearance because they stained/spotted pretty easily. Even as a final sale super clearance we couldn't get rid of some of them.