I HAVE to post the AWESOME deal I got!! HALF OFF!!


Nov 26, 2006
Okay so I am not one of those people who get up at o'dark thirty to shop the day after Thanksgiving so I pretty much knew that this weekend was just gonna be a normal stay at home weekend. Well, I happened to be online window shopping for new LCD tv's and guess what I found.................OMG...........I had been seeing commercials for it the whole weekend!

Sharp Aquos 46 inch lcd tv w/1080p and in HDTV

now here's the best part..........this is a $2500 tv and Best Buy had it marked down to $1799 for black friday only then marked it back up to $2499 on Sat (that's what the register said when the guy rang me up). Circuit City had it on sale for $1299 for both Fri/Sat..............YES I SAID ONLY $1299!!!

so I printed out the CC price and took it to BB and bought it!! I get it Dec 12th.
YEAH!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

so this is it: http://www.circuitcity.com/ccd/Search.do?c=1&searchType=user&keyword=lc46d64u&searchSection=All

Oh and the reason I got it at BB instead of CC is that BB has ALWAYS given me 100% customer service where CC gives me about 25%. Also the extended warranties at BB are so much longer and lower in price than CC.



A taste for the arts
Oct 7, 2006
San Francisco
That's awesome! You'll have to let me know what you think -- we are shopping around for LCD TVs and we were very tempted by those prices. We've had our eyes on the Samsungs so we'll see if those go on sale ... love the o'dark thirty reference, DH says it all the time and it cracks me up!


Jun 14, 2007
That is an awesome deal! You are going to LOVE the Aquos! :heart::heart::yes:

DH replaced my stone-aged sony (aka the monster that took two people to move) with a 37-inch last Christmas, and we never wanted to leave the room! The only drawback and complaint is not with the set, but rather with stations that broadcast in HD - sometimes the screen "shrinks" to a block with black bars on the sides, and does not fit the width of the television (think of widescreen cd's on a square tv).

This year, we replaced the other monster box in the living room with a 52-inch Samsung from Frys. Their CS usually sucks, but the warranty is great. Now we are both couch/bed potatoes, and can't tear ourselves away from the sets! :nuts:

I highly recommend either brand!


Nov 26, 2006
yeah I ditched the big butt tv's (as I call them) from my kids room and my bedroom last year and got lcd's and OMG, I totally love them. The kiddos have a 14 inch toshiba dvd/lcd combo and then I got a 23 inch philips for our bedroom. We have a GIGANTIC panasonic bohemoth in the living room which SERIOUSLY will take 2 people & a dolly to move down the stairs -eek! Anywho it's a 51 inch and huge for our small little living room (think 12 x10), so we downsized to a 46 inch lcd which is still pretty big IMO but I so can't wait to get it!! Now I'll have more room to play the wii!! ;)