I have to pick one to let go....plz help!!!


Which one should I KEEP?

  1. Balenciaga GGH Cafe PT

  2. Chanel Black on Black Cambon Tote

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  1. So for a bazillion different reasons, I can only keep one of these two gorgeous bags: Chanel black on black (patent) Cambon tote, or Balenciaga Cafe Part-Time with Giant Gold Hardware. Please help me choose!!!! I'm tearing my hair out here and driving my SO crazy because I can't stop modeling each in front of the mirror.............because I can't choose!!!!!!! Tell me which one I should keep!!!!

    Here are some pictures I took from tpfers (sorry i don't remember who!) since I don't have my camera....


  2. I'd definitely keep the Balenciaga! It's gorgeous! :nuts:
  3. I love both brands, particularly Chanel, but in this case I'd vote to keep the Balenciaga.
  4. Balenciaga
  5. i love both Chanel & Bal bags. i don't really like the cambon line with exception for the Reporter so my opinion's kind of faulty. ;)

    i vote to keep the Balenciaga. the GGH is tdf on that cafe!
  6. im literally sitting here reloading the page...this is driving me crazy!
  7. Definitely keep the Balenciaga. She's so much more useful than a tote. Then again, I am partial to Bbags in general...
  8. Yes, keep the Balenciaga ... it is really gorgeous. I have the Cambon tote myself (same one) and find I hardly use it ... so my vote is for the BBag!
  9. although you can't really go wrong with Chanel, I'm a huge Bal fan and that one is particularly gorgeous - love the GGH with the deep brown!
  10. Definitely keep the Bal. Bbags are some of my faves - although I love Chanel, the Cambon is one of my least favorite lines since it's so often faked.
  11. Balenciaga! Hands down!
  12. Sorry you have to choose, as you obviously love both. :sad:

    I'd keep the Balenciaga, personally, but you really need to choose which one is more beautiful and of more use to you. :yes:
  13. wondering why it's more useful than a tote...?
  14. I feel your pain. Choosing one over the other would be hard for me too! They're both gorgeous. I am a going to agree with most of the girls here and say that you should keep the Balenciaga. As much as I like Chanel Cambon totes, that B-bag is just gorgeous! I love, love, love the big gold hardware! The Cambon tote looks rather plain and boring by comparison.
  15. I'm definitely the minority but I'd keep the Cambon tote for longevity reasons. I have a medium Cambon tote and a truffle giant part-time ... out of the two, I still think the tote will be more of a classic than the GH Bbags. If you want the most wanted bag at the moment (I mean that in a good way) then keep the cafe giant part-time;)