I have to pay with a money order for an auction

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  1. I won my dream bag last night, and it was from a guy selling a bag for his girlfriend thru his account. The bag was verified here as authentic, and he has good feedback from 369 transactions. He is asking I send money order to his girlfriend, and she ships the bag. He does paypal on all his other auctions but since his gf was actually the seller without a paypal account, she needs money order.

    i have never paid with a money order before - does it work out ok?

    Thank you
  2. does the auction state this?
    If not, I wouldn't do it.
    If the auction states this then I would do it w/ tracking I guess.
  3. I've heard of situations like this before, but they make ME nervous. Did the listing offer Paypal as a payment option? If it did, then you certainly can insist that you be allowed to pay that way. If it only offered money orders as a payment option, then you are stuck to pay that way. I'm not 100% sure on this, but I don't think you have any protections if you pay with a money order other than filing a complaint through eBay and it seems the have a really low dollar amount that they will compensate you.
  4. sounds kinda fishy... can you ask if you can do an escrow?
  5. ^^^Better watch it Swank. We're starting to say the same things at the same time! :roflmfao:
  6. Yeah, that IS weird. Why couldn't he just accept the paypal then get the money out of his own account for his gf? That doesn't make sense to me.
  7. It stated money order in the auction, and he had good feedback so i was ok with it, but then he sent the email with his gf's address instead of his. I sent an email asking why. I'll see if he is open to another alternative...
  8. I sent a money order once and never got a video game for my son (seller took the money and ran)we filed a claim and only got back 12.00 and the game was close to 50.00

    Watch out much risker than paypal hardly any protection for you
  9. I agree--you lose your control over the situation, if anything goes wrong.
  10. I would only send it to him. If it's his girlfriend, he can give it to her when he sees her.
  11. Don't forget, it will cost you $15 to get a MO at your bank (I assume the bag cost is too high to get a postal money ??)
  12. Sounds odd. Why can't he accept the money and ship out the bag? I wouldn't do it..
  13. I wouldn't do it either-there is no earthly reason for this extra "twist"-why shouldn't it be just a normal PayPal transaction, when he gets paid he distributes $ to whomever. You would not be amply protected and, dream bag though it may be, I wouldn't do it...
  14. I would ONLY do that if I knew the seller. I definitely wouldn't send the money to his gf.
  15. I'm going to let him know I only feel comfortable sending it to him, or offer to pay his paypal fees if I can use paypal - it was his feedback I was making this decision on, not his girlfriends. does this sound ok?