I have to make this quick...gotta suck up to DH today ...hee hee

  1. Ready for a reveal???? I am in love with my new SA. He is so sweet and helpful...and he actually remembers me!!! Well, I happen to be in there...looking at a few things.. and got a little something. No birkins or kellys an usual :crybaby:. I went outside, into the mall, and sat on the bench to make a phone call and what should walk by? :yahoo:Well, my SA with an irresistible purchase. My once in a lifetime bag...my dream bag!! I cannot believe it!!!! I am a really lucky girl but DH was not very happy!! I am working very hard today to do his favorite chores ;).
    my birkin pf.jpg my birkin pf1.jpg
  2. Ooh... IS that a Birkin???
  3. Excited for you! Now get on with the stripping!
  4. ^^^^hee hee....ok...just resizing the pics...
  5. Gah! Anticipation!!!!!!!
  6. I am so in the mood right now for a reveal....BRING IT ON!
  7. a little more....
    my birkin pf 2.jpg
  8. Those handles look familiar....
  9. And a little note to my SA...since I know you check us out...thank you thank you thank you...and you better go see that doctor asap!!!!!
  10. What is it?:nuts:
  11. Ohh can't wait to find out!!
  12. refresh refresh!!!
  13. OK Here she is in all her glory!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    my birkin pf 3.jpg my birkin pf 4.jpg my birkin pf 5.jpg
  14. and her rainbow....


    my birkin pf 6.jpg my birkin pf 7.jpg my birkin pf 8.jpg
  15. BEAUTIFUL.... specs and modeling pix, please!