I have to let it out! Something terrible happened!

  1. Hello, I just have to talk! I feel so bad!
    My cousin (who is about 15) was horseplaying with a friend at school right after the school day was over .. they were picking each other up and throwing each other around .. you know how boys this age are like .. the boy fell on a piece of metal that was laying beside a tree (I think the school was using it to prop something against the tree or something and just left it there) .. this metal piece hit him near his eye .. about the spot where the tear ducts are .. and penetrated the skull a bit .. he was rushed to the hospital with blood everywhere!! .. he was treated and admitted for ovservation .. he was fine at that time talking to his parents and my cousin's parents (who were there from the very start to support the boy and his family) .. the police came over and questioned my cousin .. the injured boy assured them it was just horseplay .. a while later they noticed there was internal bleeding in the head and the brain was swelling as well!! .. the blood pressure for this area should be around 7-8 I think and his was around 30!! .. he started having difficulty breathing as well!! .. they gave him sedatives and put him to sleep so they can stabalize his condition .. yesturday the bp went down to 18 so they decided to operate to releave some pressure from the brain that was swelled up so much .. he came out of the operation fine and his condition was stable till this morning ... a few minutes ago my mom calls me and tells me that the boy passed away!!!!!! :crybaby: .. I can't stop crying!! .. I never even saw the boy as my family lives in a different city and I dont even know him!! but I just feel sooooooooooo sad for his family! .. my uncle and family were by his side and supporting his family the whole time and they even offered to pay for moving him to a more specialized hospital or even to another country for better medical care .. his parents refused .. they were and are soooooooo accepting and forgiving for everything that has happaned and even tried to talk the police out of investigating with my cousin when it first happened .. they know it was an accident and they know how fate works and they are really nice people!!! .. I really wana see what the school has to say for this!!!
    I can't even begin to imagine how they feel or what they are going through now!! .. I feel just awful!!! and my tears won't stop! :sad: ..
    just wanted to let it out with the hopes of feeling better and finding support here! .. we'll see how that works out .. thanks for listening!!
  2. I'm so so sorry :sad: It's terrible that something like this happened after a bit of horseplay. Your cousin must feel horrible!
  3. OMG what a horrible accident! I'm sending both your family and the boy's family good thoughts.

    It's so tragic that life can be taken away in seconds so easily, but you should definitely know that no one is to blame.

    Best wishes to you his angel.
  4. This is so sad.. as you said.. This is how fate works.. I cant imagine what they're going through..
  5. Wow... this is something that would be so unexpected. Very sad!!! We'll be keeping your family and the boy's family in our thoughts... :heart:
  6. This is so so sad. My heart goes out to the family of this poor boy. There is no way for any of us to understand what they must be going through. And what you must be going through as well.

    Tragedy does happen. When you are many miles away it can feel almost unreal, as if a dream. Be kind to yourself if you can. Part of being a good person is feeling such pain when terrible things happen to others. You don't have to know them well to have the difficulties they are going through impact you deeply.

    Hopes and prayers to you and yours.
  7. I am so sorry!!! I send my condolences to you and the parents

  8. That is so sad, I can only begin to imagine how your cousin must be feeling after all of this. My heart goes out to those parents that have just lost their son. But as you said, this is fate and everything happens for a reason. If you need to talk, im here :smile:
  9. OMG such a horrific accident.. :crybaby:I'm so sorry.. Your family and especially the boy's family will be in my thoughts & prayers..
  10. OMG, how horrible. I'm so sorry. :crybaby:

    Hugs to you... (((his angel)))
  11. That's so tragic, and so sad when it was just through to horseplay. I guess it's just one of those freak accidents and I hope your cousin doesn't feel like he is to blame. My thoughts are with your cousins family and that of the little boys.
  12. Oh my God, that is awful. It is so sad to think that something would happen like this to good people and there were no wrong intentions. My heart goes out to the boy's family and your cousin's family. That is just so sad!
  13. I'm so sorry. What a tragedy. I'll be saying prayers.....

  14. I'm praying for them-how sad!
  15. Oh gosh. This makes me so sad. So sorry to hear this.