I have to let 1 go. edith or paddy?

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Pls pic one to sell!

  1. Edith Whiskey (new)

  2. 06 Blanc Paddy ( used twice)

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  1. I spent so much lately and I have to let 1 of my bag go !!

    will you choose Edith Whiskey or Paddy Blanc?

    I personally love the paddy style but I've been using paddy nearly 1 year ( i got 2 paddy originally) and I might be a bit done with it.

    On the Edith , i kinda like it.. but not so sure ... which one i should let go???
  2. *horrors*

    It's so hard to say. I know the feeling of being "done" with a bag but just think long and hard if you'd miss it. Do you just "kinda like" Edith?
  3. Hmm, why don't you keep both?

    I think it depends on what you like. Try bringing out the Edith and see how it feels.

    Personally I would keep the blanc paddy.
  4. I cant afford to keep both. I have the blanc paddy for nealry 3 month but sadly only used once or twice.. maybe just not right for me.

    I had the "done" feeling with my fendi spy and paddy.. strange.. I just odnt want to bring them out anymore.
  5. ^ That's your ans!

    Anything holding you back about the paddy?
  6. i dont know.. althrough i dont really use it much but I still love it deep in my heart..... it is a very painful decision to it go... I dont want to sell it now and maybe after 2 month i feel like i need a paddy again and buy another one..
  7. Paddy has been around for a while now. I think it's Edith's turn - she's the latest and hottest Chloe!
  8. If you already have another Paddy, keep the Edith. They are two VERY different bags.
  9. What about the Fendi Spy, are you planning on giving it up? I like both Edith and Paddy (blanc seems like a great color!), if getting rid of Spy is a possibility, you should think about it too??
  10. I only picked the Paddy because you said it had that done feeling for you. I love the blanc color for the Paddy, but if you're not feeling the love, then it's time to let go. The Edith totally grew on me, so maybe it'll do that for you too.

    Good luck, sweets!
  11. I think I will let my spy go as well... but since I purcahsed a birkin today I really need to sell a few of my bags to cover the cost :P otherwise my bf will kill me!!
  12. NAP just dispatched my edith 2 days ago so it still in transit but I am getting very excited now. I've been waitlist for this bag since early March. and I agreed that it is the HOT BAG for this year.
  13. ^^I think so too! It's the hot "underground" bag though - not the bag every 13 year old wants.
  14. If you already have another paddy,and you're not using the second one very much,then it makes sense to sell that.
  15. Wait until you receive Edith...it does not sound like you are absolutely sure about Edith, paddy, or spy... And I can absolutely related to the feeling of being done with a bag...when the feeling comes it is typically (for me) time to move on...