I Have to Kvell - My 10 Year Old Son Just Passed His Black Belt test!!!!

  1. My twins have been taking Jiu jitsu since they were 4. Today one of them took a 3 hour grueling black belt test that had me chewing on my nails and cheering at the top of my lungs. It included between 350 - 400 moves, japanese names and meanings for them, a hundred push ups on his fingter tips, fists, and other torturous positions, balancing moves, sparring against 2 big guys at once, and nunchuck and hanbo routines. Did I mention he only had one 5 minute break the whole time? He made me promise not to yell Woohoo like I always do, so I told some our friends who came to do it for me! The poor kid is sooo soar, black and blue and exhausted but he knows, that if he did this at such a young age he can do anything.

    He is the youngest black belt in the dojo and his twin is due to take the test in May. I will need that long to get my blood pressure back to normal.
  2. Wow congrats!! Thats amazing!!
  3. Woohoo!!!!
  4. Incredible! Guess he doesn't have to worry about school yard bullies! (I know fighting is the last resort, but it's nice to know if he's in trouble, he can protect himself!!) Congrats Mom on raising such a superboy! (100 pushups on his fingertips? OUCH!)

    When my son graduated High School, I couldn't help it. Just after they announced his name, I screamed "That's my boy!" at the top of my lungs. Everyone laughed!
  5. Wow this is amazing! Not too many kids at that young age stick with it this long. You must be proud!
  6. mazel tov to your son!
  7. Proud isn't even the word for it - he's my hero!! I bow at his alter, I nibble at his toenails! At least until he pisses me off as usual. My husband and I have told them they are never allowed to quit...it's the one thing we are adamant about. Hell, my husband has a virtual black belt!

    We spend hours every week at the dojo, bringing them to help teach the pee wee class, black belt club, regular class, demo class.

    Truth is he lets himself get bullied b/c he is so afraid of hurting someone. There's this one awful bully that he just takes crap from. He's so noble, unlike his parents who tell him to kick his a** and make him bloody (we've won parenting awards, you know).
  8. wow, that's amazing! well done to your son!
  9. Note to self. Never piss off shu's son.

  10. wow, i'll say it for you, WOO HOO!!!! that's amazing!! mazel tov!
  11. WOO HOO Congrats to your little 'un.
  12. Wow that's amazing! Congrats to your son!!! And such a young age too - WOWEE. Black belt exams are seriously hard, that's a huge achievement.
  13. WOW! Congratulations! That is a major feat! My son did the black belt test last summer (tae kwon do) and I know how long and grueling it can be-physically and mentally.

    major congrats to him! And, you better be nice to him-he can kick your as-- across the room-LOL!
  14. Oh, wow, that's amazing! Congrats!
  15. Oh, for those of you who don't know the word kvell:

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