I have to know..did anyone buy and love this bag?

  1. I bought a Legacy Resort denim shoulder bag in the PCE in December. There it sat tucked away in its sleepy dust bag with the other girls... I took it out Easter Sunday and it had a tiny, I mean black tiny dot on the strap that was to me a imperfection in the white leather. It is a really pretty bag, although the strap is short with the laces. I understand it is sold out, but that dot bothered me all darn day at brunch. I took it off, babying it on my lap the whole time and since I got a discount. I really tossed and turned if you could believe that deciding whether to take it back or sell it. I did not know whether to take it back for the Denim Carly which may have just the same heavy hardware and shorter strap. They are about the same price. Any of you have this bag with the scarf and love it, or can recommend anything springy, with leather that I will simply love that is classic and not too heavy and not seen on every street corner? Now that is a challenge Thanks in advance you guys..you are awesome... and I love this forum.....!!!!!!!:heart: