I have to have one (or both) of these!


Which Pochette?

  1. Tulum

  2. Cancun

  3. BOTH

  4. Neither; you already have two Wapities!

  5. Neither; get something else (please suggest)

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  1. The same way I have to have everything, apparently :lol:.

    I was browsing vuitton.com -- like that's a big surprise:girlsigh:-- and I suddenly decided that my digital camera would look adorable in one of these. Never mind that I already have the Monogram and Multicolore Wapity :P. So anyway, I've decided that I want one of these:

    Pochette Tulum, $330, 3" x 4.2"


    I love love love the twist-lock closure, and I like that it has the snap hook. I know that the Wapity strap can be bought separately, but is there any way to attach it to the Pochette Tulum?

    Pochette Cancun, $285, 3.7" x 4.5"


    This is also one of the cutest pouches ever :love:! But if it's bigger than the Pochette Tulum, why is it cheaper :huh:? Also, does anyone know if the strap is removable, if I want to just put it in a bag as an accessory case?

    So ladies, please help me decide. Tulum or Cancun? Or both :angel:? And what are the pros/cons of either one?
  2. tulum is cuter heheheh... :love: how about rift?:yes: it is better than cancun:yahoo:
  3. i looked at that too, but i don't like it in either the Multicolore or Damier
  4. hmm the white one is cute,,, go get the tulum.. :love: i dont like the cancun...:yucky:
  5. I like the Tulum. :love:
  6. Knowing you sandra, you will probably end up getting both! Hehehehe....
  7. I like the closure in Tulum, plus the key chain ring. It looks cool! :yes:
  8. :lol::lol::lol::lol:
  9. can a strap be attached to the Tulum, or is it just the snap hook? i wish the Tulum had a strap like the Cancun!
  10. Tulum! It can be hooked onto the d-ring so that it always stays safely inside your bag! Off subject but how much is the wapity strap?!
  11. Denim??

  12. I like the tulum more b/c it is cuter and I also like the key hook. Adds a nice touch
  13. i saw somewhere on this forum that it's $110 :wtf:

    it's cute, but it wouldn't really go with a lot of my stuff :sad:

  14. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! That much? You might as well get a cles or another wapity at that price! But yeah get the tulum it's cute and it'll match like everything you have! :yahoo:
  15. omg Khoipond89 , that denim is too cute!!!