i have to decide

  1. my boss rewarded me last quarter a Barneys new york gift card of 1000 dollars.. long story short, i'm short so i rather go for the money... thinking of putting it up on ebay to get watever it will go for...
    just today, my SA at Barneys called... my Blue India twiggy is ready to go home with me..
    now what? sell it or spend it? :sad:
  2. Wow, what a great boss! It's really up to you, I think you know what would be better for your situation. Of course, I love blue india and the twiggy style, so I think it's a lethal combination for your gift card, lol! Good luck with your decision!
  3. well... if you would rather have the $$$ then the blue india twiggy will sell really quickly I think :angel:
  4. ya.. i mean 'cuz i'm kinda in need, that's why i want to sell it... in fact, i posted it in the mall earlier but i forgot that's not allowed so i got banned from the mall until further notice :biggrin:

    but mannn.. the blue india, will it be limited and rare like apple green, turquoise, seafoam, etc.?
  5. i am not if i understood right but.. cant u keep the blue india and sell something else? :shrugs: you would then enjoy the new color ;)
  6. If you buy the bag you can sell it again for same money, you will not get same money for gift token.
  7. don't try to get apple/turq/seafoam price for a blue india... those are extremely coveted for a lot of reasons, namely a different type of leather that is no longer in use, use by various irritating celebs and unsual, unrepeated colors. blue india is new and pretty- but it doesnt have the cult status those aforementioned colors have yet.

    I'd think that you'll get your money back for what you paid for it though. it's not a 'rare' bag, it is available in stores, anyone can go and call in and get it. but if you make the shipping cheap and the purchase price equal to retail, it should not be difficult to sell.

    also I want to say that IMO it's unethical to buy a bag and then immediately try to resell it for a profit, but I guess that is just my opinion... people do it. :rolleyes: also you did get the gift card as a gift... don't push your karma. spread it around. :flowers: sell it at cost, bbag karma circles around! :love:
  8. that's right.. you girls are smart..

    then i'm going to Barneys this Friday :biggrin:
  9. Hi which Barney's because i was looking for the Blue India in Twiggy and they have my name on the list. Thanks!:sad:
  10. Spend It!!! :smile:
  11. buy the blue india...woohoooo
  12. Maybe you can just pick up a bag for someone who wants something at Barney's. Is that allowed in PF or no??
  13. can you please post pics of the Twiggy when you get her? You just might fall in love at first sight and not want to part with it LOL. Good luck!
  14. My boss has given me a Chloe gift card every month for the past 2 years (I bring in big revenue for the company) as her token of thanks, and every month or so I would go buy a bag or 2, I am soooo over it. So I have sold a few on ebay (the gift cards) and people bid pretty close to what the gift card is actually for. I say if you need the money sell the gift card. A bag will always be there...
  15. I'm going to Barneys tomorrow first then we'll see from there.. hehehe...

    Ya.. Nguyen at Barneys Beverly Hills hold both the Day and the Twiggy in Blue India for me, they sold out of the First..

    I'll report any other news soon