I have to choose between the following Selma's or Hamilton help!

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  1. I don't own any MK yet :smile: but I want to get myself a new bag and I've narrowed it down to one and only one!

    Luggage, Dark Khaki or Fuschia Selma, or the "spray" Hamilton.


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  2. Out of the Michael kors line that I love are the Selma very versatile and casual for everyday bag and second choice would be the Hamilton. Love the lock details and the key and the chain strap. But whatever bag suits you and the versatility how you like to carry your bag. Btw the spray paint Hamilton is gorgeous ... good luck deciding.
  3. dark khaki Selma. its a good light colored bag for the upcoming season, and it will go wth a lot.
  4. Dark khaki Selma, I'm not a fan of the spray Hamilton to be honest.
  5. If you're feeling like you want a fun summer bag, I would go with the fuchsia Selma. A more practical choice for the summer would be the dark khaki Selma. I personally do not care for the sprayed Hamilton.
  6. Thanks one and all! Selma it is!