I have to ask-stewardess bags


Aug 11, 2006
I have come looking for an education from the experts. I have a vintage coach stewardess bag I have owned probably since the end of the 70s. My husband is asleep right now so I can't look for it in my closet to check the last four digits of the serial number but as I look on ebay, etsy, and google in general I see lots of stewardess bags with different serial numbers. One bag even said it was made in Mexico. I am also interested in the coach bags made for United Airlines. I will never part with my vintage stewardess but I am interested in adding another one in lighter brown. I believe mine is Tabac. If anyone can give me a history of these great bags I would be so very grateful. I guess in my long life of buying coach bags the stewardess has always, in my opinion been the classiest looking. They still give my heart a little blip when I see someone walking around with one. Thanks in advance


Labrador Lover
Oct 4, 2006
If your bag is that old, the numbers on it are a serial number. Coach started using creeds with style numbers in 1994.