I have to ask - about the Ali

  1. I see that everyone loves it so much, so maybe I'm mistaken. I thought I saw an Ali (just from the pictures everyone posts here) on a lady in the restroom at Nordstroms recently, and she was a petite person like me and the bag looked absoultely HUGE on her. Is it a really big bag? I mean it looked almost ridiculous. It was that whiskey color, I'm pretty sure, and I guess it was older because it looked kinda worn (I know that's the Legacy leather), but Im sure I was staring because I never saw one in person!
  2. I am of not help what so ever..I just have to say I have seen this thread title before and it ALWAYS reminds me of Alli...the diet pill!! LOL
  3. Sunshine, maybe if the bag is that big, it could use the Ali diet pill!!
  4. Lol
  5. I don't find it a big bag at all. It's the same size as the new legacy shoulder flap. But I'm also 5'8"
  6. I dont think so.......

    It is big, but not overpowering. Def. smaller than a large carly.
  7. Candace thank for the modeling pics - no it doesnt look huge at all! I wonder what she was wearing. It was the same front flap-like thing, and believe me it wasnt a knock-off because she was very well dressed, had on nice diamonds, Tiffany jewelry, etc - you can just tell she wouldnt wear a fake, know what I mean?! Hmm maybe she was just especially small! Oh well - it looks lovely on you, Candace.
  8. Complete agree with Candace! :yes: It's such a beautiful bag too :yahoo:
  9. well I will say I have seen ali's on some girls and it can look very big.. it just depends on the persons size, but ali really isn't a huge bag.
  10. I know what you mean. If you ever saw a pic of Hayden Panetiere with her white Ali, it totally overpowers her but still looks good, but i like big bags. The person who posted the pic wearing the white Ali, It looks absolutely gorgeous on you !
  11. Ali is not big on me either, But I am not a small person, LOL

    I love the Ali, it might be my favorite bag! I just need it in other colors besides white!!

  12. It might have been the XL Soho Flap. That was a huge bag!