I have three Questions? please r/o

  1. Any news on the redesign French wallet with 8 CC holders?

    Which speedy do you recommend for someone 5"3"? Speedy 25 or 30? I tried them at the store and I cannot decide. The 25 seems a bit small but very cute and the 30 seem too big and slouchy.:confused1:

    Last Question: Those who have a BV (I know most here love BH) does it make a great everyday/work bag even though it does not close completely?

  2. I have the BH and find it really practical. I chose it over the BV because I don't want to "dig" for my stuff.
  3. speedy- depends on how much stuff you want to put in it. IMO a 25 would seem more proportional and gorgeous in any canvas/leather.
  4. ^^^ITA, I think size of speedy is dependent on what you what to put in it, more than your size.

    I love the BV :smile:
  5. BV has a nicer look to it for your height and because it is vertical. You can wear it closer to your body so you don't have to worry about the closure.
  6. I am 5'3 and have the 25. I think it depends on what you are putting into it. I can put SO much into my 25 - it's a little deceiving. Both are awesome bags. I think most ppl on here would recommend the 30 though.
  7. i'm 5'4", and i can't go any bigger than the Speedy 25. it can hold a lot, so you should be fine with the 25

    i prefer the Batignolles Horizontal because it's not as deep as the Vertical and the shape and style itself looks better
  8. Id say go with the 25 even tho the 30 seems more popular here, I personally like the 25 better, looks cuter IMO :smile:!
  9. i will say go for the 25, but if you think 25 is too small
    30 will be just fine too

    i have a BV, and I love it.....it looks very nice no matter its full of stuff, or you just carry your wallet! i just LOVE it!
  10. I agree.
    Look at Jessica Simpson. She's like, what? 5'2"? And she's rockin the 35. Rock on short girls!!
  11. I'd say Speedy 30.
  12. I'm 5'1'' and I have the 25.. I thought the 30 was too big for me, and the 25 looked cuter.. but as for storage wise, the 25 can hold alot!
  13. for ur height, i'd say 25 will look cute on you. the sag form 30 can be fix by purseket and cardboard.