I Have this One Little Spot

  1. Don't know where it came from or what it is...but it's a spot on the punch stripe of my swing pack. I ordered the cleaner today but I'm assuming it's better to try and get it out the sooner the better.

    It seems to be something that has soaked into the fabric (not just on the surface) so should I try soap and water or run and get some baby wipes? I've always wondered if the baby wipes were just used to clean brand new surface splotches...
  2. I've used "Shout" wipes on my bags before and I like the way they work.
  3. Ooo that's a great idea! I wonder if the Tide pens work too?

  4. The signature cleaner should take care of it just fine. But if you can't wait I'd try soap and water, gently, with possibly a "very soft" headed toothbrush (you can get these at drugstores, make sure you get the softest bristles possible), before I'd use baby wipes. baby wipes won't hurt it but if it's set into the fabric and not on the surface I can't see them helping much at all.

    I don't use shout wipes or tide pens on my bags because they can change the colour of the fabric, fade or brighten it, I've noticed, and that makes me paranoid.

    Just my .02, hope it helps!
  5. I have like 3 bags piled up now because they have little spots that I'm scared to clean.
    Please let us know what works for you
  6. shout wipes work great on stains on fabric and I just used the alcohol trick to get ink off leather. if you use water, be careful, you don't want to leave water spots

    good luck!! :yes:

  7. what is the alcohol trick to get pen off leather>>>???
  8. rubbing alcohol on a qtip and then just rub it on the leather, not dripping off the qtip, but I saturated it pretty good. It was on Coach metallic leather and it came off very well, I had to rub for a little bit, but it worked great! yay! :yes:
  9. I've tried the Tide pen, but I prefer the wipes.