I have these on the way!!

  1. picture courtesy of percephonie!

    They're probably a size too big, but I'll just get inserts or something LOL!
  2. ACK! I'm so excited!! And then if the striped flats are restocked, I'll be one hell of a happy camper!!!
  3. Lol, Cute shoes! Congrats
  4. am i the only one who can't see the pic...?
  5. I can't see it either.
  6. Me three, can't see the pic
  7. <<not seeing the picture either >>
  8. Sorry girls! I'll attach them.
  9. Cute shoes.
  10. Cute!
  11. aaahhh! i've been looking EVERYWHERE for those in my size!
    that's it, aarti. i hate you. :P
  12. Those are perfect :O
  13. Now, now, surely its just the alcohol talking..:lol:
  14. alcohol? what alcohol? *hides empty bottles*

    im gonna track you donw so i can steal your shoes!
  15. LOL! On the way, want to stop by the coach store in NYC and see if they've been hoarding all those damn striped flats we want NOW. and maybe get a pretzel?