I have the....

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  1. hahaha what a great boyfriend...Beautiful bag!
  2. Oh Yum!!!!!!!!

    I want something with the Legacy Trim!!!! ANYTHING, LOL!!!!! She is gorgeous!
  3. Awesome bag!!! Do you think he could teach a class for TPF boyfriends and husbands???

    Best buy shopping trips should equal new bags!!!
  4. Gorgeous bag!!! Congrats!!!
  5. Aw, what a sweetie! You're a lucky lady...a great boyfriend and your new BFF, Ali! Congrats!
  6. such lucky girl you are! and a sweet bf
    congrats. lovely bag :tup:
  7. How sweet! Congrats on your lovely new Ali!
  8. Hmmm looks like your bf and mine are in competition for the "best bf ever" title.. :girlsigh: congrats on your bag!!
  9. hmmmm don't bite the hand that feeds you!?! Sweet! Congratulations. Enjoy your new Ali . . . my personal favorite.
  10. wowww great boyfriend!!
  11. Very nice bf - he's a keeper:tup:
    Enjoy your beautiful new bag!!
  12. WOW!
    What a thoughtful gift!
  13. awwwww what a sweet boyfriend! And what a great new purse! Congrats!!
  14. What a fantastic Boyfriend you have!!!! He's very clever and thoughtful.
  15. Congrats! He's a great BF with great taste!!