I have the....

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  1. Best. Boyfriend. Ever!!!!!!

    He walks in the door with his usual junk from work and then turns around to get more stuff out the car....walks back in with some more of those d*mn yellow Best Buy bags and a brown box. As I'm about to (playfully) chastize him for yet another trip to Best Buy, he hands me the box and walks off. Inside the regular brown box is THE brown box with a pretty little bow. Inside of that box was.........A BLACK ALI!!!!!!!!!:yahoo::wlae::tup::happydance:

    I had to take some quick pics with the camera phone before he gets out the shower and catches me, so the quality sucks, but she is beautiful!!!!

  2. ohhh look at that yummy legacy interior :drool:
    what a great boyfriend, enjoy your new bag!
  3. :party: :cutesy: :tup: Nice boyfriend!!!! I love to see those brown boxes with the bows!!!
  4. It's beautiful!! Congrats!!
  5. That is SO SWEET!! Those brown boxes are just *fabulous*. He did good!! :yes:
  6. oooh gorgeous. congrats!
  7. Ooh, a black Ali ... I love that bag! Congrats on the great new bag and the cute bf!
  8. Your boyfriend could give my husband pointers!!! WOW, what an AWESOME surprise! I've been debating the leather Ali recently...trying to justify one more bag. Now your excitement is contagious (and entheos' pics of her Ali family)...I must get one!!! Congratulations and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. ahhh lucky, such a nice bf
  10. Does a man get any sexier than when he comes home with a package from Coach??? Give him a big kiss from all of us! :winkiss: Congrats on the gorgeous bag!
  11. Thanks ladies!! Now I can't wait to accessorize her!!

    And LIblue...he will be getting a lot more than a kiss!!:graucho:
  12. Awww! Congrats. How sweet is that!
  13. How sweet! Congrats! :smile:

  14. Well, I thought I would be too fresh if I told you to give him THAT from all of us! :drinkup: Have a great evening!!
  15. very cool:smile: