I have the worst luck. WASH ME

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  1. I have the worst luck. My favorite purse might be ruined. I stored it in my closet in my new york city apt and there was a plumbing disaster. A pipe broke in the building and water seeped in and drenched my clothes, shoes, and purses in nasty brown water. Can someone tell me how to clean my purse? I don't trust the drycleaners and my MJ purse smells like damp dirty socks. Please help. Can I hand wash it and then put it in the dryer at low heat? What do I do? Thanks for you help.:hysteric:
  2. If the pipe broke in the building might they be liable for some type of reimbursement for your damaged things? Do you have renters insurance?
    I would look in to it. To me it sounds like it is ruined. I would not put it in the was and dryer. I don't think a dry cleaner could help--water damage like that leads to mold and mildew and you can't wet it more and I would think the smell is enough to make one sick.
  3. God only knows what is in that water. I would trash it and try to collect on your apt insurance or the building's insurance.
  4. I'm sorry that happened to you! I would try contacting Barbara at Lovinmybags and see if she thinks the bags can be saved. Good luck!

  5. what type of material is the bag? leather?
  6. ugh. that's the part of nyc i DON'T miss. old apartments with things that break all the time :/ good luck fixing up your purse!
  7. I agree, with leather you have to be very careful and it stains so easily. I would collect from my renters insurance. If an issue occurred with the building and ruined your items you can collect $ and replace the items. I would not wash/dry or add more water to the bag. Let us know what happens. Good luck!