I have the willpower of a gnat! Mr. Choo had me at "reduced."

  1. So, everyone has been reading my saga with the J Choo online nitwits and I was ticked and said I would not purchase another Choo for a while.......

    Then one of the SAs I have bought Chloe bags from in the past at a random Off 5th store calls me this afternoon and they have a Choo bag. What ... huh.. I have NEVER seen a Choo at an Off 5th. So I ask what it looks like and she said it is shiny with pink suede inserts on the sides and purplish patent leather. Could it be a plum mahala? Then she tells me it is marked down to 649!!

    Oh be still my choo-lovin heart. My ban lasted a freaking day. I am weak but come to momma!! Will post pics when she arrives!!


    Still wont order from JConline or net-a-porter but who could resist a LP plum for 649? :heart:

    It will be interesting to see what bag I actually get in the mail. I can't think of another bag with pink suede and purple done by choo other than a maddy but she said this was a bigger bag.
  2. That shows you do have a soft spot for Choo :heart:. It's okay lionlaw.:yes: This is an entirely different story. Hope it's true love when you meet her! :okay:
  3. $649 for a Choo how could you say no..seriously. Hope you like the bag please post pictures
  4. That is such a great price - congrats on an awesome deal and bag!
  5. Good for you!

    Thats awesome!
    Can't wait to hear what you get.
  6. I LOVE IT!!! :heart: Post pics when you get a chance! Who does Mr. Choo NOT have at *reduced* on this forum LOL???

  7. oo how exciting! Post pics when you get it! Don't worry, my bans don't last long either.
  8. Do post pics so we can see. That LP Mahala is one gorgeous bag
  9. Don't feel bad at all :tumbleweed: (I love these new smiley's)

    I would have jumped on the bag for that price :yahoo:

    It is a GORGEOUS bag :drool:

  10. Thanks for posting a pic Robyn. I don't know which is more gorgeous the Choo or your cat! Beautiful.

    It will be interesting to see if it is the LP mahala. I can't think of anything else it might be.
  11. I'm so happy for you :yahoo:, awesome deal how could you pass that by! Please post pics & congrats!!!!
  12. Everyone has a price!:graucho: Seriously though, how could you possibly go through life without ever getting another Choo? And for that deal! The Choo gods are trying to make it up to you for the website fiasco! Congrats!
  13. lionlaw, and here I was ready to organize a picket line and protest on your behalf. I even gave my two Choos the hairyeyeball...LOL I hope this bag is beyond perfect...you deserve it for all the Choo anguish you suffered!
  14. :yahoo:Yay!! You can't be blamed doll, we have all been :borg:Achooalated!! :woohoo:Congrats and can't wait to see pics!
  15. Robyn, what's that you have hanging on the bag? Beautiful bag and kitty by the way!! and