I have the URGE to pull this........

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  1. ......But I won't......yet!!!

    Here is a photo of my Sac Bosphore when I first got it. I have used this as my work bag on a daily basis, so it definitely gets a beating at the hospital.

    The bag has a detachable shoulder strap, that has been in use since it was new, and I recently noticed this loose stitch!!!!!! I have this urge to just snip it with some micro scissors and be done with it.....?????
    But, I know better......I think!

    Any suggestions? Has anyone else out there had something similar? What did you do? Did you RESIST the urge to yank it out?? Help!!

    At least its only on the strap, the stitches on the Bosphore itself seem to be holding up better, the strap gets most the the stress, I believe.

    Thanks in advance!!!
    P1010004_1.JPG loosestitch1.JPG loosestitch2.JPG
  2. I would trim it with nail sizzors just a little, not down to where it attaches to the rest of the stitching, just so it isnt sticking up
  3. ^ What sjunky13 said.
  4. I would bring it in for repair. Don't cut it yourself.
  5. Yeah I agree. It doesn't look like if you pull it, that it'll undo any other stitching since it already broke off in that one area. If you pull the thread next to it though...that'll undo some of the stitching. I wouldn't risk it.
  6. I would take it to LV. It looks like it may start to unravel... you don't want this to happen. The bag looks pretty new, what about trying to EXCHANGE it?
  7. Take it to LV and exchange it!!!
  8. Please do not cut it-I had something similar and then the whole stitching went off there. It is just a tiny thing but bring it in for repair, they might instantly do it but if it is falling apart there later it will not be your fault!
  9. Bring it to Lv .
  10. I agree, I would bring it into Louis Vuitton and have them fix it.
  11. Bring in to have LV look at it....
  12. After seeing your pics, I would also have to urge to snip, snip, snip it out, but it seems to be a very dangerous thing to do to your Sac. Let LV handle it and then you can be assured the repair would be properly done. Good luck!
  13. Thanks everyone for your suggestions....
    Since it's only the strap, I will bring it in to be looked at.
    If it's going to cost $50, I guess I'm bringing the scissors out !!!!!!
  14. I would bring it in. I had something similar but there was another stitch under it so I just cut off the excess thread and it was fine but yours doesnt have another stitch under it so in that case DON't pulll it or cut it. bring it in asap.