I have the Roma on hold - can you pls help me choose the colour?

  1. I have the Roma bag in magnolia and limo on hold at the Bond St shop in London. What colour do you think I should go for? Thank you very much.
  2. Can you post a picture of the bag? It may give us a better idea.
  3. Ooh, I love both colors!! The limo is probably more practical, but I love the magnolia for spring. Great bag either way!
  4. Limo!! Love color-and good for you, this is such a beautiful bag ebruo
  5. LOVE the limo color.
  6. I like the Limo. This bag can be a perfect work tote. Love it!
  7. I agree Bella1, I'm getting it for work (as well as casual use). The straps are adjustable, so you can have it as a shoulder bag as well.

    I have 3 BV bags (golden brown small veneta, large two strap classic dark brown, which I don't know the name of and a classic clutch), so I was hesitating about another BV. But the bag is so beautiful and screams class without being in your face that I have to have it.
  8. Limo of course! It's a great neutral that would transient season.

    Having said that, when I was last at the boutique recently, the SA showed me the Roma in Oldpetra, which is like a grayish purple. I thought the colour was really nice, not too bright nor too dull, or too girlish and could easily be seasonless too. I also felt the Roma was really value for money (S$4.9k or about US$3k or less) as the bag is so roomy. Would be utterly handy for work and business travel especially. I was so tempted! :angel:
  9. have to go w/ Limo for the all-round usefulness of the color (I bought it in the Veneta) -- post pics if you get it (either color!) I would love to see an IRL pic vs. just the catalog. Great bag!
  10. I'm jumping on board with the others; the pink is luscious, but the Limo will be great year-round. That is a stunning bag--Congratulations!! You will love having it and get many compliments!
  11. Limo!!! It's such a gorgeous color, AND practical! :love:
  12. The magnolia will stand out more, however I think the Limo is a classic and it will last you all year round. Its a beautiful neutral colour.
  13. Definitely the LIMO! I really want a limo BV bag, and am planning on seeing if the cocker will come it that color. So so pretty...
  14. I'm having the same debate on whether I should get a BV bag in magnolia or limo color. I guess it seems that the most convenient color would be the limo because it's more neutral and be practical for everyday use. I love the magnolia color but I think I'd be paranoid with not getting it dirty or stained.