I have the GST in black w/silver hardware; should I purchase the Fall Diamond Tote?

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  1. Or is it too similiar? :tup: :tdown: :P
  2. No, I have them both and both are diff. to me, the diamond stitch is not as boxy and the GST;)
  3. cjj I was wondering the exact same thing. Do you know if anyone has images of them side by side or in the same collection photo for comparison photos?
  4. I will have both too, as of tomorrow, and find them to be different from the leather to the shape (GST is more n/s where DS is e/w) to the structure.

    I had the patent Luxury tote (which I exchanged for the DS) and actually found that to be more similar to the GST, except the Luxe tote was far too clumsy, boxy and impossible to carry comfortably.
  5. The DS tote is also soft and comfortable except sometimes one of the straps falls off my shoulder and my hair gets caught. I love the DS tote because of the in your face logo which the GST doesn't have.
  6. Thanks ladies. No, I haven't seen them side by side, but from the photos, the Diamond tote zips across the top, has the big silver CC on the front and is not the caviar leather. I LOVE totes, but I wonder how many black ones I really need (GST, Cambon, Cerf, docs satchel- more east-west..... lol). :lol: