I have the flu, what should i eat?

  1. I did a s[SIZE=-1]earch for this, but didn't find anything ... my mom says chick[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]en noodl[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]e soup but I am all[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]ergic to th[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]e noodl[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]es. What do you [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]eat/drink to mak[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]e yours[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]elf f[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]e[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]el b[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]ett[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]er?[/SIZE]
  2. Do you have the flu flu (fever, respiratory problems, etc.) or do you mean a stomach flu?

    If the former, I always crave Tom Kha Gai or other Thai soups. The broth, the little bit of spice, and the ginger make me feel better. Lots of tea with things like mint and ginger and hot baths with eucalyptus (not to eat, but just in general) also make me feel better.

    For the latter, the standard for getting over stomach problems is the BRAT diet. Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast, because they're easy to digest, bland, and low fiber. Yogurt is also good for getting your system back into balance.
  3. I hav[SIZE=-1]e th[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]e flu flu. Thank you for all of th[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]e sugg[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]estions, and that is what I just got at th[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]e stor[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]e! W[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]ell, it's som[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]e ric[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]e noodl[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]es with onion broth. [/SIZE]
  4. Drink lots and lots of fluids, like water, juice, soup, tea, etc. Also bland foods like toast/bread/saltine crackers if you feel like it. I hope you get better!!
  5. :tup: I totally agree with the BRAT diet for any stomach issues.

    For a true flu with cold like symptoms. You can pretty much eat whatever you like except stay clear of diary, it can produce more phlegm. Spicy and hot makes me feel better. Also, make sure you drink tons of clear fluids. I hope you feel better soon.
  6. Vegetable soup and crackers:smile:
  7. When I've had the flu, my body tells me what I can eat and what to avoid. Things I normally like will be really unappealing so I avoid them (sweets, spicy, lots of protein). Liquids, bland, some salty stuff appeals to me and it usually stays down. I try to get yogurt to get the digestive system back in balance. Bananas are always good.
  8. Homemade chicken soup. Hope you feel better soon, take care.:flowers:
  9. Oatmeal, I also have stomach flu now. So I've had oatmeal, scrambled eggs and chicken broth.:throwup: Oh, a nurse recommended dramamine for nausea.
  10. Ginger capsules is good for nausea too or drink ginger ale. I take it whenever I am on a jet to avoid motion sickness.
  11. hot tea always help me when I am sick.
  12. (Just had the flu this past few days)..drinks lots of liquids...lots of water...no dairy. Foodwise: soups, jello, and crackers..is what I had for the most part. Hope you feel better soon!
  13. And you don't HAVE to eat the noodles... take them out if you want, and drink the broth.
  14. toast, with nothing on it. drink plenty of fluids.
  15. Thank to everyone who replied, I'm feeling a lot better today!