I have the chance to buy THIS tomorrow....

  1. for a very good price! I'm still 50/50 though, going on vacation the next day and could use the extra cash, but it's a really good deal! Ahhhh! I think I know what you guys will tell me to do, but I'd still like to hear it!
  2. Do I really need to tell you what I think!!!!! lol!!!!!
  3. BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at her it's telling you to go get her!!!!!
  4. If this bag can make you smile, buy it!
  5. totally agree:tup:
  6. Hahah thanks! Just the sort of encouragement I needed.

    I will be a very smiley girl tomorrow!! I'll post pics after shopping!!
  7. Yes!! Please bring her home if you truely love it!! :love:
    Can't wait for pics tomorrow :graucho:
  8. oh thats so cool! you know my answer ; )