I have the Blues. . .

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  1. I'm stuck. . . I want a blue bag. . . did anyone get anything in BLUEMARINE? VOO? Anyone? :P
  2. baghag411- I don't have anything in bluemarine, but I took a look over at MHB and the minilisa, sex bomb, and boogie look gorgeous in that color. Well, the mona lethal does, too. No help at all, I know... :shrugs:
  3. I'm just kinda surprised there are no reveals. I know how some ladies love their blues!! :graucho:
  4. Us blue ladies I think have the wallet blues to go with our color choice! LOL! I have been eyeing a Blue marine Sexbomb...but have yet to pull the trigger!
  5. Kinda thought so Deb :sad: I'm still uncertain of which style, so I guess I'll be patient.
  6. I'm really considering getting the bluemarine Sex Bomb. It is SO beautiful and I have no blue bags. Shocking since I wear jeans so much...and I love blue....
  7. I just snagged a Blue Marine Sexbomb in the MHB sale...we could be bag twins...just saying!:P

    Will reveal it for you Hags!
  8. WE ARE WE ARE!! I totally snagged one too. I am practically giddy. Even my hubby was impressed with the purse. I have trained him well. ;)

    Double reveal for baghag! :P
  9. :ghi5:Bag twins!
  10. i have the blue velvet tumbleweed and love it!

    is the bluemarine lux leather different than their crunch leathers? cuz i hate the way the crunch wears.
  11. Lux is a newer version of crunch. I think it wears a bit better, but it still wears.
  12. I figure my skin wears as I age....so should my purses. ;)
  13. loveloveluv lux :biggrin: Can't wait to see the reveals!! The bluemarine reminds me a bit of the cobalt, although maybe a bit lighter? Gorgeous!

  14. I just checked UPS and my bag is schedule to arrive tomorrow (Friday)!!!! :yahoo::dothewave: