I have the best SA in the world!

May 27, 2008
So I had ordered the Basic Bag in Nov/Dec with PCE and still had it sitting in the closet with tag attached. I had gotten it because I really wanted a crossbody bag but at the time the Poppy groovy hadn't appealed to me because I didn't like the two buttons on the front pocket. Well now that the groovy's have the zippered pocket I called my SA and told her that I had decided I wanted to exchange it for the groovy. Well she's always so great and said sure no problem and in fact she was the one who had suggest I keep it until I found one I liked because then she could give me the PCE discount on the new purchase!

So today my new bag arrived and of course I rip open the box right away! Well to my surprise there was an extra box inside and a card. So I open the card and it says that she has sent me a late christmas, belated birthday and early valentines day gift! I opened the box to find she had sent me the waverly heart shaped coin purse in pink to match my groovy!

She really is great and over the last year she's the only SA that I purchase my bags through and I always call her to get any new info or share any new info I have that I learn here, she has definately become more of a friend than just a SA.

I just wanted to share my little story about how she just made my day! I'll give her a call as soon as I get home to thank her :smile: and I'll post pics. Thanks for listening


Mar 4, 2008
what a great experience!! love hearing about it! Thanks for sharing, and enjoy your new goodies!!